The Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart TV

Today television is an entertainment that is very common in everyone’s home. Of the many types of television circulating in the community, smart TV or smart television is a new trend that is being widely used and is in great demand by most people.

This is because there are many interesting features, including the operating system and its additional functions. For those who don’t know what a smart TV is, basically this is a television that is connected directly to the internet, which allows us to do more activities than on a regular television.

We can stream videos or movies, play games, search, or even connect smartphone and PC screens to television screens directly.

But behind the advantages that have been briefly mentioned, there are definitely some disadvantages that can be considered when you want to replace the television that you may already have.

The Advantages of Smart TV

The features offered by this smart television can’t be said to be kidding. Here are the advantages you should know before buying it.

1. More Entertainment

Currently, there are many applications available that allow us to watch broadcasts outside of local channels. But to run it you need an internet connection.

As we discussed briefly above, that smart TV has supported this feature. So you can be sure that the activities or entertainment that you will get will be more numerous and varied. You only need to pay a monthly fee.

Likewise with music, you can listen live on this television. Can be through radio stations or various other platforms that are widely available.

It’s the same with the games you can play here. All these things of course you can not get on ordinary television.

2. Downloading the Application

Most may still think that the features offered are only available on smartphones. It’s not wrong if you have thoughts like this.

But along with the development of the era of technology is increasingly advanced, the same is the case with smart TVs. You can download as well as uninstall various games that are commonly available in the playstore.

3. The Smartphone Screen Display

With a feature called screen mirroring, you can connect your smartphone to a smart TV. It is designed to make it easier for us to share the activity that is being done to several people at once. Because to do this automatically requires a large screen that is capable.

4. The Voice Assistant

This feature allows you to perform various commands on your smart television with just your voice. The advantage of this one allows us to do several things at the same time.

No need to bother anymore to press the remote or type. You can do this through the voice assistant feature found on Google or Alexa.

5. The Design

The elegant shape and thin frame are the next advantages possessed by smart TVs. This may be something that is considered small or trivial to some people.

But it can also be an additional value for most people because it can blend with the concept or interior of the house.

Even if we can find the right point in its placement, the existing room will look more luxurious and attractive.

6. The High Resolution

The quality offered on this television will also of course be higher than ordinary tv. This advantage is an added value, because it can pamper and increase eye comfort in watching a movie.

The Disadvantages of Smart TV

There are also some drawbacks that we must consider before buying a smart television. Don’t be late to find out after spending money.

1. The Price

With all the advantages and attractive features offered, making smart TVs have a price that is quite much higher than ordinary televisions. But this all comes back again depending on the brand, size, and features offered.

2. The Security

Any device that is connected to the internet has the possibility for unwanted things to happen, for example the theft of confidential and private data by irresponsible persons.

3. The Internet Network

As discussed above, these televisions offer more interesting entertainment. However, to run it needs to be connected to the internet.

This is also a drawback when compared to ordinary TVs that do not require it.

In addition, we must pay attention to whether the network connection is stable or not, because this will also affect the quality and resolution that is displayed.

The things that have been discussed above are various advantages and disadvantages that you can take into consideration when buying a smart TV.

Indeed, many interesting features are offered, but also pay attention to the shortcomings. Consider whether it’s worth the benefits it offers, as well as whether it’s worth it and it’s time to switch to a smart television.