Advantages and Disadvantages of Infused Printers

Over time, the existence of the printer has become an important part, especially for activities related to document printing. In order for the printer to function properly, the printer must be connected to a computer or laptop device.

The printer itself comes from the English word “print”. From the name it has, the printer has a function to print, in this case in the form of printing documents on paper.

The first printer was released in 1968 by a Japanese company called Epson which was named the EP-101. Printers continued to develop until 1984 appeared a laser printer issued by HP and known as the HP Laserjet.

Printers continued to innovate until in 2010 a printer that could print in 3D was released. Types of printers also vary enough to suit your needs.

Starting from inkjet printers that use liquid ink with various colors so that they can print documents both in the form of text and color images.

There are also LaserJet printers that can only print one color, namely black because they use powder ink. Because this printer has a way of working like a photocopier and can print in a short period of time.

Finally, the domatrik printer is a printer that is used to print purchase receipts. This printer uses carbon paper printing ink. Not a few who use this printer because it is efficient and also cost effective.

Currently, a printer known as an infused printer has also been developed. There are various brands of infused printers on the market, ranging from HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother. Just choose according to your tastes and needs.

Even so, not many people know that infused printers actually have advantages and disadvantages.

Basically, infused printers are not much different from inkjet printers, it’s just that there are differences in the ink system. If the inkjet printer refills the ink by injecting it into the cartridge, while the infused printer only needs to channel the ink from the ink tube to the cartridge.

Advantages of Infused Printers

  • The price is more economical compared to printers that must be filled by injection into the cartridge. In infused printers there are ink tubes that have a capacity of 70-100 ml of ink for each color.
  1. Filling the ink is not difficult, because there is no need to remove the cartridge from the ink. It is enough to refill the ink in the ink cartridge without the need to remove the cartridge device from its holder. So the risk of ink spilled or splattered is very small.
  2. Can easily know the condition of the ink in the tube.
  3. Can print hundreds to thousands of sheets because of the large ink capacity.
  4. Printer cartridges are more durable because there is no need to disassemble when filling ink.
  5. No need to disassemble the printer to take out the cartridge if the ink runs out.
  6. In an infused printer, the head cartridge is more durable because the ink that functions as a head cooler will always be filled with ink.

Disadvantages of Infused Printers

In addition to the advantages it has, the disadvantages of infused printers include:

  1. If the ink nozzles are installed incorrectly or by a non-professional, there is a chance that printer ink will flood the inside of the printer. As a result, the printout has spilled ink or the ink damages the components of the printer itself.
  2. Sometimes the ink does not flow properly into the cartridge. This can be caused by air or wind in the ink nozzles or dry ink.
  3. A mechanical error may occur if the ink infusion hose is stuck.
  4. It is very likely that the seal has a leak which results in the ink not flowing.
  5. If the cartridge is damaged, it is quite difficult to do so that it takes an expert to do it.
  6. Not recommended for printer users who do not print documents very often. If you rarely use the printer, it is very likely that there is air entering the infusion hose which has an impact on the obstruction of the ink path to the cartridge.
  7. Dust often gets into the ink cartridge. If this continues to happen, it is likely to clog the cartridge so that the printing process is not perfect.

Tips for Using an Infused Printer

There are several tips to consider if you have or want to buy an infused printer:

  • Most cartridges have a service life, and it is possible not to use cartridges continuously. For this reason, it is necessary to take care and pay attention to the process of printing documents correctly.
  • For those who have a high frequency of printing documents, it is very suitable to use an infused printer. This is because the infused printer does not have to bother to inject ink if the ink in the cartridge runs out.
  • Care for infused printers must also be considered. Infused printers are prone to dust, especially on the ink cartridges.
  • Choose the highest quality ink. This greatly affects the durability of the cartridge head. If the quality of the ink used is poor, then the cartridge head will be easily damaged which of course affects the quality of the printouts.