The Advantages and Disadvantages of Infrared Thermometers

The thermometer is a type of measuring instruments used to measure the temperature of an object. One of the types of thermometer is an infrared thermometer. The shape of the infrared thermometer is like a gun and easy to carry anywhere. Usually used to measure the body temperature of children or babies.

infrared thermometer
Infrared Thermometer

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this infrared thermometer is often used to measure a person’s body temperature while visiting a place, this is also to implement health protocols.

Using an infrared thermometer is also quite easy. You just need to hold it close to someone’s forehead, and then their body temperature will appear. This is very effective and helpful, so there is no need to make physical contact to take body temperature.

So when measuring body temperature, it can be done from a distance that is not too close, because, in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people tend to worry about making physical contact with other people. Plus we also have to distance ourselves from other people.

Behind the main function of an infrared thermometer, there are several advantages and disadvantages. Check out this explanation to find out more.

Advantages of Infrared Thermometer

The infrared thermometer has several advantages that must be known because recently it is being used in public places especially since the COVID-19 pandemic is happening. Here are the advantages of a thermometer, including:

1. Remote Measurement of Temperature

Its main advantage lies in measuring the temperature from a distance accurately, without having to touch the object that is being measured.

Apart from checking the temperature of the human body, infrared thermometers can also measure temperature, for example, such as measuring the location where a fire is occurring and measuring metal surfaces that could cause injury if touched.

In addition, it can be advantageous for the doctor or nurse to avoid contaminated objects but must measure the temperature. Usually, this advantage can be felt for conducting temperature checks on medical devices, medicines, food, and others.

2. Store The Detected Temperature Directly

The infrared thermometer has a memory that can store each detected temperature in real-time, so it can be erased when needed.

Another advantage is when you want to measure the temperature between the first temperature and the second time to make a temperature comparison. So, it can make it easier for someone to take measurements.

Usually used to measure the temperature after fixing the air conditioner and the sampling test of the temperature generated by electronic devices.

3. Measuring Moving Objects

It turns out that an infrared thermometer can also detect the temperature of a moving object or area. Usually can be used and found at airports.

This is because the infrared thermometer does have the advantage of accurately detecting the temperature of the object’s movement.

4. Does Not Damage Brain Tissue

There is some news circulating that the use of an infrared thermometer causes radiation and can cause damage to brain tissue. It turned out that the news was not true.

In fact, this infrared thermometer is known to have an infrared sensor to detect infrared energy emitted by each object. If an object generates hot energy, the released molecules will be more active and infrared energy will be greater.

Infrared sensors work to detect heat waves emitted by the surface of the human body. So it won’t damage brain tissue.

5. Has a Practical Form

As is well known that infrared thermometers have a shape like a gun. Its small, practical, and compact form are easy to carry anywhere.

Disadvantages of Infrared Thermometer

After explaining some of the advantages of an infrared thermometer, there are a number of disadvantages to an infrared thermometer that should be noted as well. The following are some of the disadvantages, including:

1. The Price Tends to be Expensive

It is known that the price of an infrared thermometer is indeed more expensive than other types of thermometer. The price of an infrared thermometer ranges from 500k to 1,000K IDR.

2. Requires a High Temperature Range

An infrared thermometer will work effectively and accurately if an object emits a high or hot temperature. So it will be difficult or even unable to measure a small temperature.

3. Easily Distracted When Taking Temperature

The reason is, the infrared thermometer is easily distracted when taking temperature. Usually, the thing that interferes with the process of measuring something is the presence of dust or smoke that is around.

4. Susceptible to Temperature Mis-Measures

Because measuring temperature from a distance that tends to be far away, sometimes infrared thermometers can produce temperature errors. Because the farther the distance to measure a person’s temperature, the wider the infrared thermometer will measure.

Therefore, the use of an infrared thermometer must be done properly, so that there is no wrong temperature measurement that can be fatal.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using an infrared thermometer. The advantages provided are very useful, especially when you have to keep a distance from something or someone whose temperature is measured.

But besides the advantages, there are definitely disadvantage. Disadvantages can still be tolerated if used properly and correctly. Regarding the price, maybe it can be adjusted with the budget you have.

Although it tends to be more expensive, the advantages are indeed very helpful and it’s easy to carry anywhere if needed, especially those who have babies or children.