Advantages and Disadvantages of Infrared Gas Stove

When you cook, you can’t do it without a stove. So, the stove is a must-have item for every home.

As time goes on, many things change, including stoves. There are many types of gas stove on the market today, from gas stoves with two burners to cooktops to electric stoves.

There are still gas stoves on the market with infrared combustion systems or infrared gas stoves. This stove doesn’t use fire to cook food. Instead, it cooks with infrared radiation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Infrared Gas Stove

Infrared gas stoves work by turning infrared radiation into heat when gas is burned. Compared to using a regular gas stove, this way of working saves up to 40 percent of gas energy.

Infrared can also make longer waves of electromagnetic radiation and can do an excellent job of making heat waves.

A special mechanism is used in an infrared gas stove, which is one type of stove. The burning of gas happens on an element board that sends out infrared waves. This element board can make heat that’s about 1,100 degrees Celsius hot.

Because of this, infrared gas stoves are an excellent choice for modern homes. Still, it turns out that infrared gas stoves have both good and bad.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of infrared gas stoves below to find out:

Advantages of Infrared Gas Stove

1. More Efficient

Infrared gas stoves are more efficient than regular gas stoves because they save up to 37% more energy than regular gas stoves. Not only that, but the highest temperature it can reach is about 69 percent higher than that of a gas oven.

2. Faster Cooking Time

The hot plate or board can heat up to more than 1,000 degrees Celsius on an infrared gas stove. It makes sense that cooking with this stove will take less time than regular cooking.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Another good thing about the infrared gas stove is that it is better for the environment. This stove only gives off a very small amount of carbon monoxide, about 0.002%, and a minimal amount of nitric oxide, up to 0.0015%.

This is because the infrared gas stove is very good at using gas, so no gas is wasted when it is turned on. Also, cooking with an infrared gas stove doesn’t make smoke or soot, which can make the air dirty.

4. Safer

Infrared gas stoves will not make fire. This is different from regular gas stoves, which use fire as a heat source.

Since this stove gets its heat from infrared waves, it is much safer to use than a regular stove.

5. Protecting the Pot from Soot

When cooking on a regular gas stove, the frying pan or pan gets dirty and black very quickly. This is because the bottom of the pan gets blackened by the fire from the furnace.

Unlike the infrared gas stove, which doesn’t start a fire when turned on. When you use this stove, the bottom of the pan won’t get black or dirty.

6. Simple Design and Easy To Clean

The design of the infrared gas stove is simple, but it is still elegant and modern, so it works well in a minimalist kitchen. Also, this stove is made of strong glass, making it easy to clean.

Disadvantages of Infrared Gas Stove

In addition to having several advantages, infrared gas stoves also have several disadvantages, including:

1. Expensive Price

Depending on the model and brand, the price of an infrared gas stove is much higher than that of a regular gas stove. Most well-known brands make good products, so the price they charge is usually not low.

2. Not Many Technicians

If the infrared gas stove breaks or experience one of the types of gas stove problems, it can be hard to find a good technician because there aren’t as many technicians for this type of gas stove as there are for other classes.

3. Rarely Sold in the Market

There aren’t as many infrared gas stoves on the market as regular gas stoves, and most people can only find them in big cities.

4. Crack Prone

The body of most infrared gas stoves is made of thick glass. So, it would help if you didn’t put heavy pans anywhere but on the stove when you’re cooking. This is to keep the glass from breaking.

5. Can only be used for flat surface cookware

When cooking on an infrared stove, you can’t use any tools. We can only use cooking tools that have a flat surface.

This is because there isn’t much space between the stove and the infrared element board, so it’s not good for frying pans and other round cooking tools.

These are some good and bad things you should know about infrared gas stoves. Make sure that this gas stove is of good quality and has a warranty in case it breaks.