Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Cookers

In the past, gas stoves were used as cooking tools. Over time, the stove has changed into a more modern version that no longer runs on gas but instead on electricity.

Electric stoves and induction cookers have been on the market and could be bought up until now. Still, there are a lot of people who don’t know what an induction cooker is.

Many people think that induction cookers and electric stoves are the same things. You can see that they differ when you compare the pros and cons of electric stoves and induction cookers.

Induction cookers use electricity as a power source, just like electric stoves. The only difference is that the induction cooker uses the electromagnetic interaction between the stove and the cooking tools, like in disadvantages and advantages of electric stove.

And to learn more about induction stoves, let’s look at how the pros and cons of the following induction cookers are explained.

Advantages of Induction Cooker

1. More Practical and Safe

In terms of how they work, induction stoves are better than gas stoves. Induction cookers only need to be plugged into a wall outlet because they get their power from electricity.

It would help if you first hooked up the stove hose to the gas cylinder with gas stoves. Also, gas stoves often leak gas, which is very dangerous.

With the induction cooker, you can be sure that it is safe. This is because the induction cooker has a feature that turns it off automatically when you take the pot or pan off the stove.

Also, the induction cooker won’t stay hot after you use it. Putting the rag near the induction cooker is not a problem because the heat isn’t still spreading. Even young children can use induction hobs safely.

2. Heat Temperature Can Be Controlled

Another benefit of an induction cooker is that it is easy to change the heat temperature as needed. The heat transfer will stop even when the induction cooker is turned off.

Induction cookers don’t take as long as electric stoves to get to the right temperature. So, it takes less time to cook.

3. Energy saving

The heat from a gas or electric stove doesn’t just go to the bottom of the pot or pan; it also goes all the way around the pot. This is why gas or electric stoves aren’t as good at cooking as they could be.

The induction cooker is different because it puts the heat right at the bottom of the pot or pan. Please note that induction cookers use electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly. Only the pots and pans get hot, while the stove stays cold.

So, the heat energy doesn’t go to waste, and it takes less time to cook.

4. Does Not Produce Smoke

When you cook on a gas stove, most of the time, smoke comes out because the stove isn’t burning completely. The induction cooker is different because it uses electromagnetic energy to cook perfectly and won’t make smoke.

Disadvantages of Induction Cookers

1. The price offered is quite high

With all its benefits and features, an induction cooker is much more expensive than a gas or electric stove. It makes sense that people in the upper middle class are the ones who want induction cookers right now.

But the price is right for the benefits and level of safety it gives.

2. Great Electric Power

Even though it looks useful and easy to use, induction stoves use energy or electricity. Depending on the size and number of the furnace, they use anywhere from 300 to 2000 watts.

Of course, induction stoves are not as good to have in homes with low electricity. Also, using an electric stove can increase your monthly electricity bill.

3. Using Only Cooking Tools Made of Special Materials

One problem with induction hobs is that they only work well with cookware made of stainless steel. The best cooking tools for induction cookers are made of magnetic iron particles that can easily transfer heat and work well with induction heaters.

Also, you need to think about the surface of the cookware. This is because the top of the induction cooker is flat, so you also need flat cooking tools.

4. Scratched Surface Parts

At first glance, the flat tops of both the electric stove and the induction cooker look the same. The surface of an induction cooker is made of smooth glass, which is easy to scratch.

So it makes sense that cooking tools must have a smooth surface and be clean.

Also, when cleaning the induction cooker, don’t use sharp tools or hard liquids that could damage the stove’s surface. The only way to clean this stove is with a soft cloth so as not to scratch it.

These are some good and bad things about an induction cooker. It never hurts to learn more about induction cookers before you buy one.

And most importantly, make sure that the stove you choose meets your needs. It could be helpful.