Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is often used in tools in the workshop. The hydraulic system is a way to get power from one place to another by using fluids.

This hydraulic system moves heavy loads by using fluid as a power source. Presses and lifting tools are examples of tools that use a hydraulic system.

Advantages of Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system does something that a lot of people need. But each system has its good points. Here are some good things about the hydraulic system:

1. Flexible

The hydraulic system is flexible because fluid pipes or hoses make it easy to send power anywhere.

The power transmission can also be put in more places with hydraulic power.

2. Can Lift Heavy Weights

The hydraulic system can lift heavy loads because it can change the cylinder’s cross-sectional area ratio. This means that even weighty loads can be lifted with only a tiny force on the system.

3. Can Move Items

The hydraulic system can also move things. It can use a small amount of force to move things, so if you make the diameter of the cylinder more giant, the goods will move from where they were before.

4. Easy to use

The hydraulic system is easy to use because it has three main parts: the power unit, the drive unit, and the control unit.

The power unit is a source of power. It has a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic shaft, an electric motor that acts as a prime mover, a measuring cup, a pressure gauge, and a relief valve.

On the other hand, the drive unit takes fluid power and turns it into mechanical energy. There is also a regulating unit, which usually takes the form of a valve that controls the movement of the hydraulic system.

5. Safe to Use  

The hydraulic system is safe to use because the parts that rub against each other are usually covered with oil. So that the part will be lubricated, which will help reduce friction.

Because of this, there is less friction in the hydraulic system than in the mechanical system. The gears, chains, belts, and other parts that rub against each other in this hydraulic system show that friction is going down.

6. Hydraulic System Power Can Be Saved

The accumulator in the hydraulic system can store power to be used whenever the system needs it.

So, you can use the stored energy right away without moving any of the other parts. On the other hand, it’s usually hard to save energy in other systems.

7. Can Reverse The Direction Of Movement Without Stopping The System Completely

If another energy system completely stops the system, then change the way it moves. Then, the hydraulic system can change the way it moves without stopping completely.

This happens because a directional control valve can control the reversal.

Also, the hydraulic system can move the working parts in the opposite direction at full speed without doing any damage.

8. Can Operate at Constant Speed

The speed of the hydraulic system can also be kept the same. But you can change the speed of this hydraulic system by changing the flow volume or by using a flow control valve.

Disadvantages of Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system does something that a lot of people need. But every system also has its flaws. Here are some terrible things about the hydraulic system:

1. Need Intensive and Routine Care

Because the hydraulic system parts are easily damaged by dust, corrosion, dirt, and other things, it needs to be maintained often and in-depth.

For this system not to break, it also needs a spotless environment.

2. Prone to Work Accidents

Accidents happen at work with the hydraulic system because if the power is too high, the pipeline might not be able to handle the power that the fluid is sending through it. This can cause accidents at work.

3. Dangerous Small Leak

Most small leaks in the hydraulic system happen on the surface of the shaft. Dirt gets into the hydraulic oil, which then rubs against the hydraulic parts and causes them to leak.

The leak can cause the transfer of power, reduce the hydraulic system’s efficiency, damage the hydraulic system, and even cause accidents at work when the system is being used.

4. Expensive price

The hydraulic system is an expensive piece of machinery because it uses oil as a fluid.

In a hydraulic system, oil acts as a way to transfer power and keeps all of the moving parts lubricated.

5. Fast Damage

This hydraulic system breaks down quickly because if dirt gets into the fluid in the system, it can weaken the hydraulics and cause them to break down quickly.

Also, the working fluid in this system can’t handle too high temperatures when it’s in use.