The Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Stoves

One of the essential equipment that you must have in the kitchen is a gas stove. Gas stove is an equipment used to cook various types of dishes for the family. Just imagine if there is no stove in the kitchen, it must be very difficult for you to make something to eat.

Therefore, a gas stove is must-have object, and you can choose the type of gas stove based on your needs. Before buying a gas stove, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a gas stove. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of a gas stove.

Advantages of a Gas Stove

We first discuss the advantages offered by gas stoves, here is the explanation:

1. More Economical

We often hear people says that using a gas stove makes expenses more efficient. This is because the gas cylinder containing the LPG can be used for a long time before it runs out. You could use it for three weeks or more before you need to replace it. Because of that reason, gas stove is very popular among people.

2. Faster Cooking Time

Another reason you should use a gas stove is because it cooks your meal faster. Cooking using a gas stove makes the flame tend to be stable in all parts, therefore it cooks more quickly.

This makes it easier for you to prepare for breakfast so you don’t need to rush. Your meal can be served quickly and practically.

3. Easy to Use

Gas stove is also one of the stove type that is easy to use. Using a gas stove is basically just turning it to the on position, then adjust the level of heat you want to use.

If it is too hot, you can rotate it upwards. Also, after cooking you just need to turn it upwards until it is full or until the flame on the stove goes out.

4. Eco-friendly

Gas stoves are also known as environmentally friendly stoves, because they are designed for trash briquettes and charcoal briquettes. In addition, gas stoves are known to be environmentally friendly because they don’t cause smoke when cooking.

5. Offer Good Prices

In terms of price, gas stoves also offer very friendly prices. Gas stoves offer prices that vary according to the type of gas stove itself. On the other hand, it also depends on the stove in the equipment. Not to mention if the gas stove is equipped with an oven, this will also increase the price of the gas stove.

6. Easy to Clean

The next advantage of gas stove is that it is easy to clean. Cleaning the kitchen including utensils for cooking needs to be done to keep it clean and help remove germs, including on the gas stove.

Cleaning a gas stove is relatively easy. You only need to prepare cleaning solution and a cloth. After that, rub it around the gas stove until it is clean.

7. Complete Features

The gas stove also offers complete features. The following are some of the features found on a gas stove, including valves, nozzle, furnaces, gas pipelines, lighters and cut-off valves. Some gas stoves also have additional features depending on the type and price of the gas stove.

8. Can be Used Indoor and Outdoor

The next advantage is that the gas stove can be used both outdoors and indoors. For examples, you can bring your gas stove for camping activities, mountain climbing and events held outdoors, such as cooking events. In the room, for example, cooking is done in the kitchen in your house.

9. Available in Various Types

Gas stove offers a different variety of types. There is freestanding gas stove, hybrid gas stove, and stove with one to four furnace. Of course, this option can be costumed to your needs in cooking.

Disadvantages of Gas Stoves

That was an explanation about the advantages of a gas stove, in addition to the advantages of a gas stove it also has disadvantages that you must know before buying one, such as:

  • Specifically for cooktop type, this gas stove cannot be moved. This happens because when the cooktop stove was installed it was planted on the kitchen top. As a result, this gas stove will remain in place and you can’t move it.
  • Using a gas stove also requires a gas cylinder for the stove to burn. The drawback lies in the price of gas cylinders which tend to be unstable. Where sometimes it is found that gas prices are very expensive compared to usual.
  • The next disadvantage still lies in the gas cylinder, where the gas cylinder can also leak which can cause an explosion in the tube. For that, what needs to be considered when installing the gas cylinder on the stove is that the tube does not leak and the regulator is installed properly.

Those are some explanations about the advantages and disadvantages of gas stoves. After knowing it all depends on your choice of views about the gas stove.