9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Folding Bikes

A bike is a vehicle that has a function to move from one place to another. In French, it is known as the velocipede which means a vehicle that has two wheels and three wheels equipped with a handlebar, a seat, and a pair of oars that are driven by legs to run it.

Along with advances in technology, now there are many types of bikes with various unique shapes and models. One of them is a folding bike which has a simple meaning: a bike that can be folded.

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Folding bikes have hinges that fold into the frame. This type of bike has become popular in Indonesia since the number of cycling lovers community grows. From a physical point of view, these folding bikes are grouped based on the size of the tire diameter, namely the standard size of 16 and 20 inches and the large size of 24 inches.

In general, the parts of a folding bike include handlebars, saddle rods, pedals, chain gears, chains, wheel rims, trunk, wheels, saddles, drink bottles, and front fenders. This folding bike is the same as any other type of bike which has various advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Folding Bikes

The following are some of the advantages of folding bikes, namely:

1. Easy to Carry

As the name suggests, folding bikes are bikes that are known to be easy to carry and practical. This is because this type of bike can be folded so that it is easy to carry from one place to another.

The advantages offered by this bike make many bike lovers choose folding bikes compared to other types of bikes. Imagine how much fun your trip would be if you could still ride a bike with your favorite bike to travel far.

2. Save Space

It saves space. This is perfect for those of you who only have a narrow bike saving space. Because this type of bike is folding, this bike is very flexible to be placed in various rooms, starting from small rooms and large rooms.

3. Not Easily Broken

This folding bike is also known as a bike that is not easily damaged because this bike has good durability. In addition, this bike is also a bike that is durable and long lasting if you can take good care of it.

Based on the experiences of several people who have this type of folding bike, this bike is classified as a bike that is not easily damaged. As long as it is used properly and correctly.

4. Not Easy to Steal

Currently, various opportunities to steal can be chosen by people as long as there is an opportunity. One of them is that bikes can be targeted, especially bikes with a fairly high price, such as this folding bike.

Folding bikes that can be folded do not need to be parked outdoors. So once you arrive at your destination, you only need to fold the bike and put it in the bag and store it. This can stop people’s desire to take the bike.

5. Make Travel Easy

It makes it easier to travel, so that you can still do your hobbies such as cycling wherever you are.

The point is, don’t forget to bring the folding bike you have. That way, traveling will be easier with your favorite bike.

The Disadvantages of Folding Bikes

In addition to the advantages offered, there are also some disadvantages of folding bikes. The disadvantage of this folding bike is that its function is not intended for this. The following are the disadvantages of a folding bicycle, namely:

1. Can Only be Used on Smooth Streets

This bike can only be used on flat roads such as paved and concrete roads. This is because folding bikes cannot be used on heavy road terrain that has lots of holes. What’s more, don’t ever use this bike for freestyle.

The reason is that folding bikes do not have a front shock, so as much as possible avoid potholes and uneven roads, because this aims to avoid injuries that occur. It would be better to follow this advice.

2. Easy to Rust

The disadvantage of the second folding bike is that it is easy to rust, so it is not recommended to wash the bicycle with a heavy spray of water. This is intended to prevent water from entering the bike components which can cause these components to rust.

So the best way is to water slowly or just wipe it with a cloth. Doing washing on this folding bicycle is also good if done not too often considering the road that is traversed is clean roads such as asphalt and concrete.

3. Pricey

In terms of the price of folding bikes, it is quite expensive compared to other bikes. But the price for this bike is comparable to the neatness, ease of folding, level of precision, and extra completeness of this bike.

4. Pay Attention to Wheel Size and Dimensions

If you want to buy a folding bike, what must be considered is the size of the wheels and the dimensions of the bicycle. This is because if you intend to take a traveling bike, then choose a folding bike with a small dimension. This small dimension makes folding bikes easier to carry everywhere and safer.

That is an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of folding bikes. Wherever the product still has advantages and disadvantages, it only needs to be tailored to your wants and needs.