Advantages and Disadvantages of Exhaust Fan

The existence of clean air in the house is something that every homeowner must pay attention to. As is known, dirty air trapped in the house can cause various diseases, especially respiratory diseases for all family members.

Because of that, every house must have a good air circulation system by installing ventilation. As for people who live in urban areas, often the presence of ventilation is not enough to replace the air in the house.

Exhaust fans are a solution so that the exchange of clean air and dirty air in the house can run well. Sometimes homeowners can install more than 1 exhaust fan in the house. Usually the rooms where the exhaust fan is installed are the bathroom and kitchen or places with poor air circulation.

There are various types of exhaust fans available in the market. Just adjust it to the needs and benefits you want to get. Even so, it turns out that the exhaust fan has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Exhaust Fan Advantages

The existence of an exhaust fan provides many advantages, especially if it is installed in a room with poor air circulation. The advantages of exhaust fans include:

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Exhaust fans installed in rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens can help improve air quality to be cleaner. Stuffy air like in the bathroom to the smell of cooking that is too strong can be replaced immediately if there is an exhaust fan in the room.

2. Eliminate Bad Smell

The unpleasant and pungent smell is very disturbing. Especially if the aroma comes from a room with a poor air exchange system such as in the bathroom. This makes people think that the room is very dirty and makes people reluctant to enter it.

For this reason, the installation of an exhaust fan is necessary to reduce or eliminate unpleasant odors in the room. That way the air in the room remains clean and does not smell when entering the room.

3. Removes Air Moisture

A humid room makes the air stuffy and smelly. If left unchecked, it is not impossible to damage the walls and ceiling of the house because it is too wet. Even in certain parts can be overgrown with moss and fungus which of course can damage a room.

For this reason, the installation of an exhaust fan is very useful to quickly remove moisture from the air. That way the air in the room remains dry and not too humid because of good air exchange by the exhaust fan.

Installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom can also help eliminate foggy mirror syndrome due to too high humidity.

4. Reduce Air Contamination

Cooking smoke, cigarette smoke, hot air, and unpleasant odors are very disturbing to the human respiratory system. Especially if the air is dangerous and causes a disease if inhaled for a long time.

For this reason, the existence of clean air must always be available in the house in order to provide comfort for every family member. Removing contaminated and dirty air does not need to open all windows and doors of the house, just use an exhaust fan. Because the change of air becomes faster and easier if you use an exhaust fan.

5. Can Be Used as an Air Conditioner

Exhaust fans can also cool the air in the room. This is in accordance with the working principle of the exhaust fan, which is to absorb hot air in the room to the outside, then replace it with new air so that the room becomes cooler.

At first glance, the way it works is similar to a fan, but it is more efficient at dissipating heat in the room.

Disadvantages of Exhaust Fan

Behind the advantages, it turns out that the exhaust fan also has several disadvantages, including:

  • Almost all exhaust fans sold on the market use electricity in the form of electricity, so that in the event of a power outage, of course the exhaust fan cannot work.
  • Some types of exhaust fans must be installed in the wall or even become one with the ceiling of the house or ceiling. In other words, the exhaust fan cannot be moved anywhere.
  • If the installation is not done properly, there is a possibility that hot and humid air can escape to other areas in the house. Not only that, an exhaust fan that is not properly insulated, when air is drawn from the interior, can be lost in the attic of the house and can actually cause another problem such as damp tiles.
  • Improper installation of the exhaust fan can make a noise when the fan rotates. The sound produced is very disturbing to the occupants of the house, so it is very likely that the exhaust fan will not be operated.
  • Exhaust fans are only used to remove air from inside to outside the room or in one direction.