The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bicycles

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Electric bicycle

The use of battery-powered bikes is not as popular as conventional bikes that we encounter today. Generally, conventional bikes are only used by some groups to travel short distances, like to markets, minimarkets, or schools.

However, if you want to have a choice of transportation that is more affordable and environmentally friendly than a motorbike, then the best options to consider are electric bikes.

Well, for those of you who want to buy it but are still unsure about all the benefits offered, try to first consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes below.

Advantages of Electric Bicycles

1. Electric bicycles are made with two powers

You need to know, electric bikes are specially made to have two powers, making it very unique. In other words, you can use electricity to propel your bicycle or you can use the pedal to generate manual power when the bicycle battery runs out.

2. The price of electric bikes is relatively affordable

Besides having a fairly cheap price on the market, this electric bicycle is also effective for commuting in short distances. Such as taking children to school, shopping at the market, and so on as needed. Of course, this electric bicycle is able to save your expenses when compared to a motorbike that requires fuel.

3. The electric bikes is equipped with a high-capacity battery

Every electric bicycle is always equipped with a strong and high-capacity battery that cover a distance of about 40-60 km. This means that you can use the bike for several days over short distances without the hassle of repeatedly charging the battery.

4. Not subjected to motorcycle tax

Regardless of the price of an electric bicycle that you buy, there will be no tax imposed on you. This is because this type of electric bicycle only has a speed of about 30-40 km, even though its function is almost the same as a motorcycle in general.

5. Does not make any unsettling noise

When you want to go out at night without making engine noise, then an electric bike is the best choice. This one advantage is a characteristic of electric bikes that most people know about.

However, for those of you who are sensitive to motorbike engine sounds, usually you can still hear it to a radius of 10 m from the road. But, if it is blocked by a wall, the sound of this whirring engine will no longer be heard. Of course this is different from motorbikes that have a more noisy sound.

6. Safe from theft

It seems that motorbikes are still the number one target of motorbike thief in most of countries today. This is because motorbikes have a fairly high price on the market with extremely high enthusiasts as well. This is what makes electric bicycles safer because they are considered a “less valuable” means of transportation.

7. Environmentally friendly

Many people agree, the use of electric bikes is actually highly recommended because they are environmentally friendly. This is because no gas emissions are produced, so it is safe for the surrounding environment.

However, this opinion is not entirely correct because as the name implies, electric bicycles still need electricity generated using coal fuel.

Disadvantages of Electric Bicycles

1. Electric bicycle batteries have an age limit of use

The battery is the most important component of an electric bicycle. The age of the battery used in each electric bicycle unit is also influenced by several factors. One of them is the intensity of use. In addition, the price of batteries on the market is still quite expensive.

Although the average usage age of the battery is around two years, when the battery is damaged or cannot be recharged, you must buy a new battery with an estimated price of between 800 thousand to 2 million rupiahs.

2. Recharging the battery is quite a long time

When the electric bicycle battery runs out, like it or not, you have to recharge the battery which takes about 8 hours. In other words, this electric bicycle cannot be used at any time if you forget to recharge the battery.

3. Limited number of authorized workshops

You will have a little trouble finding an official electric bicycle repair shop if there is any damage. Usually, these official workshops only exist in big cities. Even though the price of electric bikes is cheap, you still have to pay attention to the maintenance of the bike.

4. Maximum weight is only 125 kg

Almost every unit of an electric bicycle have the same specifications. Each unit is designed with a maximum weight of about 125 kg so you have to really pay attention to the number of items and the load that the bicycle is carrying so that it does not damaged quickly.

5. Heavier than an ordinary bicycle

When the battery of this electric bicycle runs out and you use the bike manually, you will feel tired faster. Because, the weight and pedaling of this bike tends to be heavier than an ordinary bicycle. In other words, you will lose the practical side and convenience of this electric bike.

6. Prohibition of use in certain areas

In fact, not all regions allow the use of electric bicycles as a means of daily transportation. Of course, every country, province, or city has different legal policies as well as regulations. Therefore, you must really understand this problem before deciding to use an electric bicycle.

Those are the information about the advantages and disadvantages of an electric bicycle that you might need. Hopefully this helps you decide whether you want to buy an electric bicycle or not. Hope it’ll help you!