Advantages and Disadvantages of Capsule Blender

One of the household appliances that have an important function for some people is a blender. This tool is functioned to grind/blend a certain food ingredient becomes easier and quicker.

So that the blender works more optimal, usually liquid is needed as an addition to gain smoother/softer results, such as juices, smoothies, and sauces.

Frequently, a blender is also used to grind solid food ingredients, such as pepper, sugar, nuts, or coffee beans into coffee powder. Even for those who like to make cakes, a blender also can be used to mix the liquid batter, such as pancakes, muffins, and others become quicker and certainly without remaining lumps of flour.

With the advance of technology, blender undergoes changes and shape variations. If before, the blender is equipped with a sturdy stand, which is functioned as a move/drive machine that the speed level can be adjusted. But now there are various types of blenders that can be customized with the household needs.

One of the types of blender that is popular right now is the capsule blender. Basically, the function of this capsule blender is not overly different from the general blender, which is to grind a food ingredient quickly and easily.

blender kapsul

There is something unique about the capsule blender that makes it different from other blenders, that is the machine that is located at the top also 4 reversed blades. even so, the ability of the capsule blender in grinding fruits, vegetables, until ice cubes should not be underestimated.

For those who want to know more about this capsule blender, here are the advantages and disadvantages of the capsule blender that must be known:

The Advantages of Capsule Blender

1. Simple Model

Almost all capsule blenders are designed to be simple and easy. Even the operation is also very easy, it is suitable for those who are using the capsule blender for the first time.

Even for several certain brands, it is available with cute and unique shapes. Just choose according to your likes/preferences.

2. Affordable Prices

If compared to other types of blenders, the price of the capsule blender is quite affordable and cheaper, which is around 100-150 thousand depends on the store and brand that is chosen. Do not take interest in a capsule blender with a price lower than 100 thousand, because usually the quality of this blender is not good.

It will be better if you consider the specifications when buy it, start from the material of the blender hook, is it using iron or plastic. If it still using plastic, better to not buy it because it usually has a short-use life.

3. Easy to carry

The shape that is similar to a capsule and small in size makes this blender easy to be carried even when traveling. Not only that, a capsule blender is very easy to disassemble so that it is not hard to clean after being used.

4. Can Grind/Blend Various Food Ingredients

Even though it has a small size, the ability of the capsule blender in grinding food ingredients should not be underestimated. It is equipped with four blades that are made from strong stainless steel material, it makes this capsule blender can be relied on to grind various food ingredients, start from fruits, vegetables, spices, even ice cubes easily and quickly.

5. Save Electric Power (Electricity)

The most important thing from this capsule blender is having small electricity, which is around 200 watts or no more than 300 watts. So, you do not need to worry about the electric bill becomes high because of using the capsule blender.

The Disadvantages of Capsule Blender

It turns out that the capsule blender also has several disadvantages, including:

1. Little Capacity

Almost all capsule blenders have a small size, so the capacity to hold the ingredients becomes limited. The average of capsule blender capacity is only around 100 to 100 ml for one operation.

So, if you want to grind ingredients in large quantities, it is needs to be done several times.

2. The Rotating Power Not Strong

The motor movement in the capsule blender is also not too maximal if compared to other types of blenders, especially when grinding hard ingredients like ice cubes.

There is a possibility that the ice cubes are not completely smooth and there are still small chunks in them. Even so, the capsule blender still can grind fruits and vegetables quite well.

3. Incomplete Feature

The small size makes the capsule blender easy to carry, but this blender does not equipped with many features. Especially the offered price is also no more than 200 thousand.

So, if you want to have a blender with complete features, better choose other types of blenders, such as full-size or kitchen systems. Certainly, the price is not cheap if compared to capsule blender.

Those are several advantages and disadvantages of capsule blender. Basically, the works of capsule blenders are not overly different from the blender in general.

Before buying a blender, it will be better if you find out about several famous brands that the quality and grade are already guaranteed. Also, understand about the types of blender damage that often occur so that you can overcome them.