Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluetooth Headsets

A headset is one way that many people can listen to music. The headset can be used to listen to music or sounds from other devices, but it can also be used to talk because it has a microphone built-in.

In the past, headsets had cables to connect to devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, as time went on, headsets were changed so that they no longer had cables and instead used Bluetooth, making them what are now known as Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth headsets are more valuable and easy to carry around. This makes them great for people who move around a lot. But it would help if you remembered that Bluetooth headsets have pros and cons.

And here are some of the pros and cons of Bluetooth headsets that you should know about and think about before buying one.

Advantages of Bluetooth Headsets

1. Easier to Carry

Bluetooth headsets no longer come with cables to connect them to other devices. As a replacement for this headset, it must be connected to the Bluetooth device you want to connect to the headset.

So it makes sense that this headset is valuable and easy to carry. Even those who use it don’t have to worry about the headset cable, which usually gets tangled up.

Also, users can move around without having to worry about the cables, which usually get tangled up in the body. Users can still connect with devices or gadgets a certain distance away, depending on how big Bluetooth is and how far it can reach.

Most Bluetooth devices can reach up to 10 meters. But now, Bluetooth 4.0 can connect to devices up to 100 meters away.

2. Providing Convenience When Receiving Calls

When someone gets a phone call, they sometimes have to stop everything they do for a short time because you have to hold the phone up to your ear to hear the other person.

This is very inconvenient, especially if you have to move your hands up high to write, type, cook, drive, and so on.

With a Bluetooth headset, calling has become more accessible. People can still do many things without holding their cell phones.

3. More Durable Than Bluetooth Headset

One problem with a headset that connects with a cable is that the cable is easy to break and damage. This can happen if the person using the headset isn’t careful, like if they accidentally pull the cable, peel the cable, etc.

If so, the headset is either broken or can no longer be used. On the other hand, this won’t happen on a bluetooth headset because it doesn’t need a cable to connect to a device.

4. Have a Modern Design

It comes without cables, making the bluetooth headset look modern and futuristic. And usually, Bluetooth headsets have designs that are adapted to the times. It is suitable for someone who likes to follow current trends.

Even today, the headset is not only used to listen to music or make phone calls. To support other activities, now several Bluetooth headsets are present as headsets that have been equipped with several additional features.

One of them is a feature that allows other people to talk and can be turned into a mute mode (silent) first without removing the headset.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Headsets

1. Bluetooth Version Must Be Same With Device

When you buy a Bluetooth headset, you should pay attention to which version of Bluetooth you have. If the headset and the phone won’t have the same version of Bluetooth, for example, the headset might not work right or might not connect at all.

If that’s the case, the bluetooth headset won’t make any noises. And if the device owner still wants a Bluetooth headset, make sure the headset has the same Bluetooth version as the device you own.

2. Using Battery As Power Source

Even though a bluetooth headset doesn’t need a cable to connect to a device, it still needs batteries to work. Before they can be used, Bluetooth headsets need to be charged.

Bluetooth headsets can only be used for a few hours, unlike wired headsets. This depends on the type and model of the headset. If the Bluetooth headset’s battery dies, it can’t be used and must be charged first.

Not only that, but devices like phones and tablets connected to bluetooth headsets will also put a load on the battery section so that the battery will drain quickly.

3. Not Good For Gaming Activities

For gamers, headsets are a must-have piece of equipment that makes playing games more fun. Players need to talk to each other when playing games, especially in games requiring teamwork.

Unfortunately, you can’t play games with a bluetooth headset. This is because a Bluetooth connection can slow down the sound, which can be very annoying when playing games.

4. Relatively Expensive Price

When buying a bluetooth headset, the price is one thing to consider. Compared to wired headsets, the prices of bluetooth headsets are a bit higher, depending on the brand and model.

But some say that this Bluetooth headset’s high price is right for what it can do. The price of a bluetooth headset goes up the more features it has.

So, that explains what you need to know about the pros and cons of Bluetooth headsets. The information above should be helpful and help you learn more.