Advantages and Disadvantages of a Split Type Air Conditioner

air conditioner split type

There are some types of air conditioner commonly used, one of them is a split type air conditioner. In definition of a split type air conditioner is a type off cooling unit which consist of two main body. They are the condensing unit and air handling unit. Air handling unit embedded in the air conditioner compartment, while the condensing unit placed outside the room.

The two units connected by the isolated cooling channel. The compressor and condenser placed inside the condensing unit. The evaporator coil placed in the evaporation unit. Condensing unit placed outside of the room to create a low noise working system for the air conditioner itself.

The Advantages of a Split Type Air Conditioner

Split type is most commonly used, the reasons because of:

1. Compact Size

It has a rectangle shape and easy to be installed on your wall. The compact and simple shape requires only a small space unlike the air conditioner central type.

2. Easier Installation Process

advantages and disadvantages of a split type air condiotioner
Central Type of Air Conditioner System

Split air conditioner installation process is much more easier compared to the central type. Requires only the hole between the indoor and outdoor unit in an about 3 inch diameter as the connecting space.

After finished up installing the units, just need to connect to an electric power source. Usually, the air conditioner manufacture also offer a multi-length of channel for the indoor and outdoor unit distancing adjusted to your needs.

3. A Better Energy Efficiency

Split Type air conditioner has a cooling efficiency level up to 30 percent compared to the central type. This as the result from an uninsulated connector on a central type air conditioner which leads to an energy efficiency issue.

Different from split type which designed without a connector, this may increase the energy cost for lowered down your electricity bill. On some cases, split type air conditioner may reach the efficiency standard level until two times much higher.

4. Aligned with Interior Design

A split air conditioner installed flexibly inside the room. You do not need to hang it on the ceiling or wall. Also in some manufacturers offer an elegant casing for the air conditioner attractive in aesthetic design.

It can be less distinctive compared to central type which require to create a hole on the wall for the air conditioner ventilation system.

5. Less Noisy

Split air conditioner unit can operate in a low noise level until 19 decibel, much more quite than any other types.

The condenser unit is also more neat to be placed on any location of your room to minimize the noise.

6. Safer

air conditioner central type system
Central air conditioner system requires a specific air connection system differ than the split type

System installation of the split type is much more safer, because the central type connection system can be used as an entry access for the burglar coming into your house.

It requires only a small hole for the connector, therefore minimizing the outsider threats safety of the house occupants.

7. Zoning

Air conditioner split type requires to be installed on each rooms. therefore each occupants of the room may adjust the temperature level as needed or even shutting it down when not in use.

Not like the central type, which is centralized, meaning it remains active to cool down the room in the same way though the room is vacant. Therefore, you will use a much more less energy in the long term and saving money as well.

8. Customization

Split type air conditioner smart features enabled its user to low power consumption in a sleep mode. This is where a censor detect that you do not need an intensive cooling so automatically it reduces the power consumption.

The Disadvantages of a Split Type Air Conditioner

Even though some advantages from a split air conditioner better than the central type, thus have some disadvantages as well.

1. Limitation on the Location

This air conditioner type may not be suitable for a high rise apartment. Due to a two main system separated from another and the hose connect only a certain length. So the user must placed these two main frame quite close from one another.

2. Noisy Compressor Unit System

Even though the inner part is quite quiet, but the compressor is very noisy. So, you need to configure the compressor placement suitable for your neighbors not to be disturbed by the sound even if it placed outside.

3. A Much Bigger Scale

Sometimes you find it efficient to use a centralized air conditioner where the control hold in one person in charge. Because on some cases, a split air conditioner users may set to the lowest level of temperature which causing a higher power consumption.

When you decided to installed air conditioner on each rooms. Cooling a bigger size room may takes a longer time. If you have a guest room in open-space designed, it will requires more time to chill and the air conditioner shall operate in a longer timing, and of course a more power consumption for your comfort.

Not to forget of the habit where forgotten to close the door or window, so the cooled air got wasted. Even it may be an eco friendly type of air conditioner, sometimes it is just not suitable in some cases.

4. Installation

Installing on the right place for the split air conditioner on a suitable zone needs to be considered. Installed in an improper place may caused a short circuit (a sudden shut down), which may wasted the power energy and controlling to the wrong temperature level.

User may also must take a good look on positioning the outdoor unit in a safe, wide, less disturbing the neighbor, and also minimum dusty air. This intended for a longer life usage for your air conditioner unit.

5. Drainage System

Placing the drainage system outside the room may raise another attention. This may caused water pond from dropping water where it is not supposed to be or even may caused a short circuit. Therefore a specific drainage system considered for each air conditioner unit you have installed.

Take a good look at y our house and rooms where you time in. How wide is it? If you need to chill your bedroom, or a small guest room, then the split type air conditioner is suitable and affordable.

If you need a more centralized controlling and granting access only to the intended person, then the central air conditioner is more suitable for you.

But, if you have a high concern on energy efficiency and flexibility, the split type is the best choice.