10 Type of Fan on The Market

There are so many types of fans on the market because the need for these types of electronic products is very diverse, for industrial, household, and office needs and other needs. This need makes fans have the most product variations compared to other electronic products.

There are various fan manufacturers who are very popular and the most popular in the electronic world. Here are some of the most popular fan manufacturers :

  1. Panasonic
  2. Samsung
  3. Honeywell
  4. Hessaire

Fan manufacturers also produce various types that you can adjust to the needs of your daily activities. Maybe you don’t know the many kinds of fans on the market, especially in your country. The following is an example that you might use as a reference for consideration before deciding to buy a suitable fan.

1. Floor Fan

Floor fan one of the most popular in south east asia, maybe this is the type that we can say the TOP 3 Most Selling in this continent.

kipas angin dudukAdvantages:

This sitting type fan (floor fan) has advantages that you can consider, among others.

  • Very practical
  • Usually uses a fairly low wattage.
  • It can be placed anywhere easily, whether on a table or on a regular floor.


The sitting type fan also has drawbacks that we must pay attention to, namely:

  • Movement is not free, meaning that the reach to the area exposed to the wind is usually limited.
  • Some of them are more difficult to clean than others.

When to buy this fan?

This fan is suitable for rooms that are limited in size, such as boarding houses, or those of you who want to place it in a workspace that does not need a wide wind direction.

2. Stand Fan

The standing fan is the most popular fan product compared to other types. Almost all electronics manufacturers, especially fans, have issued this standing variant.

Kipas Angin Model BerdiriAdvantages:

The standing fan has various advantages that you should consider, including.

  • Fan height can be adjusted
  • Easy to reach high places.
  • Easy to clean
  • The wind coverage is also wider.


This type of standing fan has various drawbacks including:

  • Due to its high size, if it is knocked down, you are more at risk of being damaged.
  • Many fan manufacturers do not pay attention to the foundation / bottom stand of the fan, sometimes it is very light, so it is easy to fall.

When to Buy this Type of Fan?

This type of fan is perfect for you to use in the living room of your house, or in a room that is wider than 3×4 meters.

3. Desk Fan

The table fan has very unique characteristics, it looks more elegant than the sitting or standing fan.

kipas angin mejaAdvantages : 

The table fan has various advantages that other types of fans may not get. Here are some of them.

  • Minimalist form
  • It is suitable for use on a table or a limited area
  • It takes up space
  • Easy to clean

Disadvantages : 

Apart from the above advantages, the table fan also has drawbacks that must be recalculated.

  • Low reach, like a table fan, the maximum height of this fan is generally around 40-50 cm
  • Wind power is not too strong.

When to buy this fan?

This fan is very suitable for you to use at the location of the work table, or specifically for the needs of the fan on the legs only.

4. Wall Fan

Outboard fans are one of the most popular types of fans in restaurants. But it does not rule out that this fan is also needed in the household.

Kipas-Angin-Model-TempelAdvantages : 

This fan has several advantages including:

  • Does not take up space, because usually it sticks to the wall.
  • The wind is very wide, can be almost a room
  • The wind coverage is very even


Behind the above advantages, outboard fans also have several disadvantages or disadvantages, including.

  • Installation of this fan is a little complicated, because usually we have to use nails first.

When to Buy This Fan?

This fan is perfect for you to use when you want to save space, or if your room is small, such as a boarding house or private room.

5. Ceiling Fans

This type of fan is generally used at home, in fact there are so many variations that make the price range for this fan reach hundreds of millions. Because in addition to its function to cool the room, this fan is also often used as decoration.

jenis kipas angin-langit langitAdvantages: 

Ceiling type fans have a myriad of advantages including:

  • Not wasteful of space
  • Evenly distributed wind throughout the room
  • Make the home atmosphere look elegant
  • Generally there are also other accessories, such as lamps.

Apart from these advantages, there are several drawbacks to using this fan.


  • It is difficult to install it yourself, you have to use the services of a handyman
  • Usually this fan is quite heavy, so you have to be careful not to fall.
  • Prices are usually higher than other types.

When to buy this fan?

Generally, this fan is perfect for you to buy when you are building a new house, or are renovating a house. So you can immediately ask the builder to install it.

6. Fan Without Propeller

The fan without a propeller is arguably a fairly new variant compared to classic models such as a sitting or standing fan.

Kipas-Angin-Tanpa-Baling-BalingAdvantages :

  • Looks elegant and unique. This type of fan has a very elegant appearance and looks unique when used
  • Save space


Apart from the advantages above this fan without a propeller also has disadvantages including.

  • The resulting blown coverage area is more limited.
  • Generally, the blowing force is less.

When to buy this fan?

Generally, this fan is perfect for you to buy for an office space, or even for a meeting room at the office.

7. Exhaust Fan

The fan is very functional for various fix locations, and is usually used to move the wind from one place to another.

exhaust fanAdvantages : 

This type of fan has its advantages

  • Able to clean the air
  • Has a function that is not obtained from other types.


  • Limited area, cannot be used in various locations that you want.
  • If it is installed, generally it is not moved again.
  • Requires a handyman to install this type of fan.
  • Damage sometimes makes you have to use a handyman to install it.

When to buy this fan?

This type of fan is generally used for rooms that do not have ventilation, such as toilets or bedrooms that want to share ac (1 ac for two bedrooms).

8. Cooling Fan (air conditioner model)

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A new innovation in the fan sector where the Kiaps manufacturer makes a fan that is similar to the function of an AC, apart from being an air conditioner it is also in charge of cooling the room. The advantages and disadvantages of AC fans, you must consider the materials before deciding to buy this type.

Kipas-Angin-Model-ACAdvantages :

Innovation in the world of electronics does not end, here are the advantages of this type of product.

  • Long-lasting power for “Cooler” category compared to air conditioners and other refrigeration products.
  • Easy to carry anywhere to cool the room compared to AC
  • Very economical in price compared to AC

However, even though this product has many advantages, there are some drawbacks that you must be aware of.


  • Cooling quality under AC
  • Sometimes it takes water or ice cubes to get cooler results and this usually doesn’t last long, if the ice has melted or isn’t cold then the temperature will drop back down.

When to buy this type of fan?

You can buy this type of fan if you are in a rented house or boarding house that is difficult to disassemble a cooler such as air conditioning.

9. Multi-function Fan

A multi-functional fan is a solution for those of you who need various types of fans, but only want to buy 1. This fan combines 3 types, namely standing, sitting, and sticking type.


Advantages :

Because it is a combination of various types of fans, this fan has various advantages that other types of fans do not have.

  • Practical, 3 functions in 1 fan
  • Can adjust location and needs.
  • It is more economical than having to buy 3 different types of fans.

Behind the various advantages that exist in this type, there are various disadvantages that you must pay attention to.


  • To install this type of fan, little equipment or expertise is required. For women or those who are not used to it, it will be difficult.
  • It is heavier than other types of fans, so if you buy online the shipping costs may also be higher.

When to buy this product?

If you want to use the fan in different locations and for purposes at different times. For example, if you open a restaurant, and at night you want to use it in the bedroom.

10. Industrial Fans

The industrial fan is one type that is used in industry, examples of industries that use this type are the cracker industry, the food industry, or the middle to lower scale factories.

kipas angin industri

Advantages :

Industrial fans have various advantages that are needed for heavy tasks.

  • The resulting wind power is very strong, other types for the home cannot match this type of fan.
  • Lack of maintenance.
  • Ergonomic design.


This fan also has several drawbacks that you can consider.

  • Price is higher
  • Requires more electric power.

When do you buy this type of fan. ?

You who have a home factory or restaurant, it is highly recommended to use this product.

Types of fans in the world may continue to develop from time to time, it is possible that other types of fans will be developed which may be very much needed by the community.