50+ Workshop Tools and The Functions

The workshop is where broken motorcycles and automobiles are repaired and maintained so that they are durable and comfortable when utilized. The workshop contains a variety of equipment for each purpose.

The following are examples of workshop tools and their uses:

Tool’s NameThe Functions
Sliding Rod TTo loosen or tighten bolts or nuts that can be moved to make it easier and can be formed into a T.
Shock Extension RodTo lengthen the shock lock so that it can reach the to-be-removed nut or bolt.
Compression TesterTo measure the engine’s compression pressure.
Cylinder Bore Gauge (Cbg)To estimate the level of wear by measuring the diameter.
JackTo raise car components such as the back, etc.
Feeler Gauge To determine the width of a small space or space between two components.
HacksawFor iron or metal cutting.
Jack StandTo ensure the vehicle’s safety while it is jacked up by providing support.
Vernier calipersTo determine the object’s distance, outer diameter, internal diameter, and depth.
File ToolTo make a narrower hole wider.
CompressorTo fill tires with air and provide clean air at high pressure, etc.
Allen keyTo remove or replace fasteners.
Spark PlugTo replace or remove spark plugs.
Key Match RingTo remove and tighten nuts and bolts.
Oil Filter LockTo install or remove oil filters of different sizes and to alter the size of the oil filter in a vehicle.
WrenchTo unlock and unlock huge nuts.
Lock MomentTo torque-adjustable nuts and bolts to their specified torque.
Nipple LockTo tighten or remove bolts from pipe joints where a shock wrench or ring wrench cannot be utilized.
WrenchTo remove nuts and bolts that cannot be removed with a washer wrench.
Key ringTo remove bolts or nuts having a 12-tooth circular closure.
Wheel LockTo remove or install wheel nuts.
Star Shock LockTo unscrew bolts or star nuts that feature key-shaped facets.
T keyTo remove or install fasteners that are readily accessible.
Drilling MachineTo drill a hole.
Grinding MachineTo remove obstructing components when changing or adding accessories.
Welding machineTo remove difficult-to-open fasteners or to modify components on motorbikes or automobiles.
MutitesterTo check for short-circuited electrical lines or look for broken cable lines.
ScrewdriverTo loosen or tighten a screw.
Electric ScrewdriverTo loosen or tighten bolts.
screwdriverTo unlock and unlock screws with a strong torque by tapping.
Knock screwdriverTo loosen or tighten the screw to make it more secure.
ChiselTo disengage difficult-to-open bolts or nuts.
HammerTo tap on things.
DropperTo make a mark or point on an object during the measurement procedure.
Radiator and Cup TesterTo inspect the functionality of the radiator cap.
PincersTo clamp the cutting object.
RatchetTo remove or install loose bolts without removing the shock lock from the head of the bolt or nut.
Universal Sock ConnectionFor connections for removing difficult-to-reach bolts or nuts when using a sock connection.
SkrapBefore reinstalling engine components, should remove gasket material.
Slip Joint PliersFor grasping both small and large components.
SneiTo produce threads for bolts.
Hexagon SocketTo remove or install a wheel nut that has the same number of facets on all of its surfaces.
SolderTo join two metals or other materials.
Straight EdgeTo inspect or measure the flatness of a machine component’s plane.
TachometerTo measure or examine the engine speed of a vehicle.
Combination pliersFor gripping things, pipes, etc., as well as cutting wire, grasping round or small pieces, and bending wire, etc.
Taper pliersFor flanking in confined areas.
Cutting pliersFor cutting small-diameter copper or steel wire, stripping wire insulation, etc.
Inner Circular PliersTo remove or mount the internal circlip.
Outer Circular PliersTo remove and replace the exterior circlip.
Angle PliersFor gripping difficult-to-reach cables and wires.
Tap BoltTo create new threaded holes or to replace worn threads.
Thread GaugeTo determine the type of thread in an unidentified sea.
Timing LightTo measure or inspect the timing of an engine’s or vehicle’s ignition.
TrackerTo remove bearings or other spherical components like rods, pulleys, etc.
Vice GripFor grasping things such as nuts and bolts, metal, etc.