3 Ways to Use a Can Opener

Can has been used to hold or store food and drink ingredients for a long time. People think that putting food and drinks in cans will keep them from getting contaminated and will keep them from leaking.

But a lot of people have trouble opening cans. Not all of them use machines to open cans quickly. Many use their hands or sharp objects like knives, even though this method is risky because it can hurt your hands if you don’t do it carefully.

With time, can openers be made that make it easier to open cans? Can openers come in different styles, but they all do the same thing: cutting the edge or edges of the can. It’s easy to learn how to use a can opener to open a can; you need to do it a few times.

Think about the following ways to use a can opener, so you don’t have trouble opening a can with it!

How to Use Manual Can Opener

Ways to Use a Can Opener

The parts of a manual can opener are two long arms or levers, a handle with a wheel and axle used to turn the can and an iron gear wheel or peg that cuts the can.

How to use

  1. Pull out the can opener’s long arm or lever. Place the peg (gear) on the can’s edge. When the position is right, this peg will automatically line up with the edge of the can. Press down hard on the lever in the direction it is pointing when it is closed.
  2. If the position is correct, move the handle clockwise or turn the gear wheel forward. Remember that the can opener can come off the can if it is not in the right place. Turn the handle until the can is all the way open.
  3. When turning the handle, keep the can opener pressed against the edge of the can. When the cast-iron wheel has turned fully around the rim of the can, gently lift the lid and throw it away.
  4. Be careful when touching the lid of the can because the edges are very sharp.

How to Use a Classic Can Opener

Ways to Use a Can Opener

Because it looks like a knife and has a sharp tip, this classic can opener is called a “stabbing knife.” Even though this can opener is old, many people still use it because they think it is easier.

How to use

  1. Place the blade of the can opener, so it is parallel to the top edge of the can.
  2. Press the can opener down gently until the top of the can is cut.
  3. Make sure the knife on the can opener is at the right height. If you don’t, the knife might bounce, hurting your hand.
  4. Then, hold the can opener so that the knife is facing down. Pull the handle of the can opener down gently. Try to keep it even with the can’s edges.
  5. Pull the can opener up or place it as you did before, then slowly pull it back down while keeping it parallel to the edge of the can.
  6. Repeat this action until the whole edge of the can is open.
  7. When the can’s lid is open, slowly lift it. Be careful when you open the can because the lid has sharp edges.

How to Use an Electric Can Opener

Ways to Use a Can Opener

As you might guess from the name, this can opener is powered by a battery. It is small, doesn’t weigh much, and is easy to hold. It’s easy to use and useful because you don’t have to use more energy to open a can.

How to use

  1. Make sure the battery plugs in this electric can opener so the engine can start.
  2. Putting the can opener on top of the can is the first step. Check to see if the iron wheel is on the outside edge of the can.
  3. Then press the button on the can opener to turn it on.
  4. Slowly, the can opener will move around the can on its own.
  5. When you are back where you started, please press the button on the can opener to turn it off.
  6. Take the opener out of the can. Then carefully separate the can’s lid from the can’s body.
  7. The cuts made by this electric can opener are clean and don’t have sharp edges, so they won’t scratch your hands if you touch them. This can opener can be used to open cans, but it can also be used to cover cans.

Depending on the type or model, that’s how to use a can opener. Before you open the can, make sure that the tools you use and the can itself are clean and sterile. Use the best quality equipment made of strong materials that don’t rust easily.

Make sure the can is on a flat surface or covered with a clean cloth when you open it, so it doesn’t move around. This is especially important if you are using a manual can opener or a classic can opener. Also, if you don’t know how to open cans, you should find someone who does to keep bad things from happening. We hope that the information above can be helpful and give you ideas.