8 Ways to Keep the Frying Pan from Sticking

The skillet is a must-have cooking tools because it can be used for many different things. Most of the time, the skillet is used for frying or sauteing a food.

There are many different types of cooking pan on the market right now. But some pans get sticky when used in specific ways, like when used to fry.

It’s not surprising that this destroys the dish and makes it look less appealing. It’s not easy to wash a sticky pan because it needs to be rubbed for the sticky food to come out ideally.

It turns out that a frying pan can stick for several reasons. It starts with a frying pan that isn’t clean or is still wet when it’s used to a fire that isn’t hot enough.

Then, how do you cook with a pan that doesn’t stick? To answer this question, let’s look at some ways to keep the pan from sticking:

1. The skillet must be in a clean and dry condition

One of the reasons the pan gets sticky is because it is dirty or still has food stuck.

So, the first way to ensure the pan doesn’t stick when you use it for cooking is to ensure it’s clean before using it.

Just touch the bottom of the pan to tell if it is clean or not. If the pan feels rough or looks dirty, wash it before using it.

If you have, put the pan on the stove and dry it immediately by heating it over low heat until all the water is gone. You can use it for cooking if all the water is gone and the pan is in good shape.

2. Pour Oil at the Right Time

It turns out that the time of pouring oil into the pan can also affect the condition of the pan to be sticky or not, primarily when the pan is used for frying. So that the pan does not stick, you should pour the oil after the pan is hot.

This will reduce the potential for food to stick to the pan’s surface when turned over. In addition, evenly distributing the oil over the entire surface of the pan first can also be a way to prevent the pan from sticking.

Before frying, coat the surface of the pan with oil evenly. After that, add cooking oil as needed.

3. Pay Attention to the Seasonings Used

Many different kinds of spices can make food stick to the pan. Most of the time, the attached spices are thick and sweet.

So, to keep food from sticking to the pan, especially when frying, you should let the spices soak into the dish first. So that the food doesn’t get too wet while it’s frying.

4. Scrub the Frying Pan with Turmeric

Turmeric has been used in cooking as a natural dye since the Stone Age. But who would have thought that adding turmeric to a frying pan would make it less sticky?

The process is straightforward. First, cut the turmeric into pieces. Then rub the pieces of turmeric all over the pan until the surface is smooth. Then, pour as much oil as you need into the pan.

This method can also help cut down on the smell of fish while it’s cooking.

5. Leave the Foodstuffs at Room Temperature

The next pan won’t stick if the temperature of the food is normalized, especially if the food is frozen. Food that is cold or frozen needs to come to room temperature first.

Then, dry the food, so it doesn’t get too wet when it goes into the oil. Food that is too wet is also not good, especially when fried, because it can make the food not dry out and soak up oil quickly.

6. Turning Food When It’s Dry

One way to fry food without damaging it because it is too sticky is to let one side dry first. So, the cooking side will be easier to flip and less likely to stick to the pan’s surface.

Also, ensure the fire isn’t too big, so the food doesn’t burn too fast. This method also makes it easier to keep the dishes from breaking when you turn them.

7. Sprinkling Kitchen Salt

Use table salt as a second way to keep the food from sticking to the pan. You need to sprinkle salt on a pan that has already been heated and let it sit for a while.

Then, use a paper towel or clean cloth to wipe the salt off the pan. Ensure that the pan is not hot before cleaning it so you don’t burn yourself.

8. Cooking with the Right Oil Temperature

Ensure the oil is at the right temperature, neither too cold nor too hot, so the pan doesn’t stick when you use it.

For instance, when you fry food, you should use high temperatures so that the food doesn’t soak up the oil.

Not only that, but when you fry it at the right temperature, the food looks better and is at the right level of doneness and color.

When you sauté food, especially when you add spices, it’s different. We suggest cooking on medium heat, so the spices don’t burn too quickly.

These are some ways to keep food from sticking to the pan. Also, clean and take care of the pan all the time, especially after you’ve used it.