8 Ways to Choose the Right Microwave

Some people consider the microwave one of the most important modern cookware. As everyone knows, the purpose of a microwave is to heat or cook food faster and more easily than with a stove.

At the moment, there are many different types and brands of microwaves from which you can choose. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know how to choose the right microwave below.

1. Determine the Type as Needed

There was only one kind of microwave in the past, which was called the “basic microwave.” But now, many different kinds of microwaves can fit your needs.

Here are some types of microwaves you should know about:

  • A basic Microwave is used to heat food or take it out of the freezer.
  • Grill Microwave is used to heat, bake, and thaw food.
  • The Convection Microwave has a feature that can blow air to spread the heat more evenly. This microwave makes the outside of food crispy and crunchy.

2. Size and Capacity

In addition to paying attention to the type, you should also think about how big the microwave is. The size of the microwave also plays a role in how much it can hold. The more space size has, the more it can hold.

The size of the microwave needs to be changed depending on how many people will be using it or how much space is available. The bigger the microwave needs to be, the more food that needs to be cooked.

3. Pay attention to the electric power

As most people know, microwaves need electricity to work. But a microwave needs between 600 and 1200 watts of electricity, which is not a small amount.

The process of heating food in a microwave is usually getting faster and faster the more electricity it needs. The size of the microwave is also affected by how much electricity it uses. Most of the time, small microwaves use less electricity than big microwaves.

Also, before you buy a microwave, you should make sure it works with the electricity you have at home.

4. Easy To Clean

When you put food in the microwave, it usually leaves splatter marks on the inside of the microwave. If not cleaned immediately, it can leave stains that are difficult to remove.

The thing that makes someone reluctant to clean the microwave is that it has a complicated shape that makes it difficult to clean.

Usually, a microwave with a door without a handle is easier to clean. Some microwaves use a non-stick material on the inside, making it easier to clean if there are food stains.

5. Owned Features

Some microwaves usually come with features like a defrost button or a button that lets you process certain foods. But there are also microwaves with features like auto-programming, child locks, etc.

The more features a microwave has, the more it will cost.

6. Have Metal Rack

Food can be cooked evenly in a microwave with metal racks or racks. But it also depends on what kind of food needs to be heated.

On the other hand, the microwave does not have a metal rack. Most of the time, the top of the food will feel hot, while the bottom will feel warm or even cold.

7. There are Turntables

Food is easy to cook in a microwave with a turntable or a turntable inside the microwave. With a turntable, you don’t have to turn the container while heating the food.

The turntable makes the food container spin so that the heat gets into the food evenly.

8. Guaranteed

The thing that is no less important to know when choosing a microwave is the warranty. There is no guarantee that the selected microwave is of high quality and works well when being operated.

Don’t forget to save the payment receipt as proof of payment so that later if there is a problem or damage to the microwave, it can be handled immediately.

It should also be noted that the longer the warranty period of a product, the better the warranty. The existence of a warranty makes the buyer will not feel harmed if there is damage to the purchased microwave.