5 Ways to Choose a Good Billiard Stick

Billiard sticks are the most important billiard equipment. You will encounter various types of brands and models when you are choosing a good billiard stick. Before deciding which sticks you want to buy, you need to pay attention to several components.

These tips for choosing a good billiard stick below might help you. Check out the following tips:

1. Pay Attention to the Billiard Stick Material

The first thing that you have to do when you want to choose a good billiard stick is to pay attention to the material for which it is made. Billiard sticks themselves are made from various types of wood to fiberglass. However, until now wood has been chosen as the most favorite billiard stick material.

Wood-based materials will affect two things, namely the beauty and flexibility of the sticks. Different types of wood, even though the diameter and size are the same, will have different degree of flexibility and strength.

Not only that, some types of wood generally have a higher price than other types of wood. For example are snakewood and bird’s eye maple.

In one part of the billiard stick, there is a section called the shaft. This section is the top joint that is in the stick. You must also pay attention to the material of this part.

Generally, shaft material is made from hard Canadian maple to ebony and charcoal. In addition, there are also those made of carbon.

2. Select the Weight of the Billiard Stick According to Your Need

The next tip is to choose the weight of the billiard sticks that you want. Some people has different weight preference according to their tastes.

In pool, the weight of billiard sticks that are commonly used generally weighs between 18 to 21 oz. However, if you are a beginner, it is advisable to choose billiard sticks that weigh from 20 to 21 oz. Billiard sticks that are heavy and light both have their own advantages.

If you choose a heavier billiard stick, the power will be greater and make it easier for you to make lots of turns and have an effect on the cue ball. Meanwhile, if you choose a lightweight billiard stick, the strokes you take can be controlled better.

For beginners, the recommended billiard sticks are sticks that are heavier, because the swings and strokes that you played are not advanced yet. Because by using a heavy billiard stick, the stroke will be more stable.

As for the advanced level, choose a billiard stick with a weight of 19 oz. Because the weight of the sticks will make it easier for you to control the swing, hitting and hitting speed of the ball.

3. Choose a Good Stick Tip

Another tip for you if you want to choose a good billiard stick is to look at the tips on the sticks. The most important part of a billiard stick is the front of the stick, or what they call a tip cue or stick tip.

There are many types of materials commonly used in billiard stick tips, such as hard, medium, super soft, even soft. Each of these types of tips has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Tips that have a hard type of material will generally be more durable than tips with a soft material. But the soft tip material also has the advantage that it minimizes the possibility of “miscue”, because this type of tip is better to withstand chalk.

However, all the choices for these types of materials depends on the type of hit you produce. Because not everyone can produce the same type of hit.

There are two categories of billiard stick tip types that are sold in the market, namely one-piece tip and laminated tip. You can consider these two categories as well when choosing a good tip.

The quality of the tips will affect the quality of play. It is advisable not to use the lowest quality tips, as it will make the hit not optimal.

4. Select the Desired Pattern

Choosing a good pattern depends on the taste of each person. Many types of patterns are used in billiard sticks, such as turquoise, abalone, gold, silver, and other pattern.

Each billiard stick has a different pattern. At the bottom part of the billiard stick, some are made of yarn or animal skin. You can choose what kind of pattern suits your personality and taste.

5. Adjust the Budget

The last tip for choosing a good billiard stick is to adjust the budget you have with some of the components previously described.

The pattern, tip, weight, and material you choose will determine how much you pay. Therefore, adjust the billiard stick model that you want with the budget you have.

Another consideration that you can make is to look at what types of games you often play. That way, you can determine the stick model that suits your needs and the budget that you have prepared.

The conclusion that can be drawn from the description above is, in choosing a good billiard stick, you have to pay attention to many things. Among them are the five components mentioned above.