7 Types of Time Measurement Tools and Their Functions

Knowing the time when we do something or will do something is important. Time has the meaning of an interval of two events, which are an ongoing event and an event in the future with a series of processes and circumstances around or later.

In this modern era, it is very easy to know time through a time measurement tool that has been widely sold in the market. This makes it very easy for us to know the time as soon as possible so that activities do not get messy.

Check out this explanation to find out the types of time measurement tools and their functions.

1. Clock


This one clock is usually hung on the wall of the house and is widely used by people. A clock consists of a second hand which is usually longer, a minute hand that is slightly shorter than the second hand, and an hour hand which is usually the shortest.

The clock is packaged in a simple and easy-to-understand way for anyone who looks at it to know the time. In that hour, the length of each hour is 1/24 of the day. Then the small unit is 60 minutes or 3,600 seconds.

The smallest scale of the hour is the second and the largest is the hour. The clock works to show you the time when you are in a room.

2. Watch


Watches are a form of time measurement tools that we are used to seeing in this day and age. With its small shape and ease to wear on the wrist, many people are interested in a watch to show them the time while on the move.

A watch looks like a small form of a clock, because it is a type of clock that is made simpler and easier for people to understand when looking at the present time.

The watch has the exact same scale as the clock, that is, the smallest scale is the seconds and the large scale is the hour.

3. Stopwatch


A time measurement tool hereinafter referred to as a stopwatch, is quite similar in shape to a clock in its smaller version. We usually see a stopwatch when someone is measuring how fast they are running or when they are swimming. We often see it at a sports match.

The stopwatch is divided into two types, which are analog stopwatch and digital stopwatch. Both have several differences, such as in shape and material. Analog stopwatches are usually made of iron. Meanwhile, the digital stopwatch is made of plastic and is certainly easier to use.

In addition, another difference is the level of accuracy of the two types of stopwatches. The level of accuracy of the analog stopwatch is 0.1 seconds, while the digital stopwatch is 0.01 seconds.

Using stopwatch is very easy. Usually there are two or more buttons that are used to start the time and stop the time. Then the other buttons can be used to set the new time.

4. Digital Clock

Digital Clock

Digital clocks are usually used to measure the time limit while doing something. Like heating food in the kitchen. In addition, it is commonly used in laboratory rooms to go through the process of testing a device regarding its timeliness.

Digital clocks have a very useful function and make it easier for researchers to measure time. Because the testing process is usually very dependent on timeliness.

5. Calendar


A calendar is a time measurement tool that is quite different from a clock, because the calendar measures time based on the day, week, and month of the year. The smallest scale of the calendar is the day.

The calendar uses the names of the days to determine the time period. Calendars are made by observing the sun and moon.

6. Hourglass


The hourglass is a time measurement tool that has been used since a long time ago. An hourglass has a shape that is quite unique and maybe not many people in this era know how to wear it.

The shape of the hourglass appears to have two tubes on the top and bottom, and there is sand in it. The hourglass can be used by turning the hourglass back and forth. If the sand is fully filled which indicates that the time has passed in hourglass units, then you can flip it again to find out the next time.

Between the upper and lower tubes, there is a small hole for access to the sand down. When used in today’s digital era, the hourglass is considered less efficient for determining time.

Judging by the shape that is quite bigger and not everyone understands how to use it. So, sometimes the hourglass is only used as a display at home.

7. Sundial


Maybe not many people know about sundials today because people rarely use sundials to determine time. Usually, sundials are still used in parks or other open places.

Sundials rely on sunlight to determine the current time. With a fairly simple form, the way a sundial works is by utilizing sunlight to produce a shadow on the plate which has been marked with the available hours.

So through this picture, we can know the time that is aimed at the present. However, over time, the position of the sun also changes which makes the time change in the shadows on the sundial.