10 Types of Forks and Their Functions

There are many forks on the market. Especially in western countries, because they have various unique foods that need a particular fork to eat.

To know various types of forks around the world, you can see the types of forks described below. Here are 10 types of forks and their functions.

1. Table Fork

table fork

Table fork is a type of fork that is generally used in houses because it can be used for all types of foods, even you may also use it every day. The size of this fork is about 18 cm.

You can use it to eat noodles, pasta, tempeh, tofu, and other foods. With four tines and made from stainless steel, this fork is a durable fork and it functions that can be used for various types of foods.

2. Cocktail Fork

cocktails fork

The cocktail fork is a small size fork with two sharp tines. The cocktail fork is used to stab the garnish, such as cherry, olive, etc. It can also be used for seafood.

The sharp tines can be used to stab seafood, such as shrimp or scallops.

3. Dessert Fork

dessert fork

A dessert fork is a fork that is used to eat desserts, such as pudding, agar-agar, jelly, etc. The dessert fork has a smaller size compared to the salad fork. A dessert fork can also be called a cake fork or pao fork.

This fork usually has three or four tines, and the left tine will be bigger than other tines, with flat edges. It allows the users to hold a plate in the left hand and cutting the cake with the left edge.

4. Fruit Fork

fruit fork

As the name implies, a fruit fork is a fork that has the function to stab the fruits. Generally, this fork is used in western countries, especially in Europe. You can find fruit forks in some restaurants that serve fruits as one of the menus.

Fruit fork has a small size with two or three tines to stab small fruits, or various fruit pieces, such as cherry, grape, watermelon or melon pieces, etc.

There are several materials used in the fruit fork, some are made from stainless steel or wood, however, both have the same function.

5. Ice Cream Fork

ice ceream fork

Ice cream fork usually is used by foreigners, it has a shape that is half a spoon and half a fork. It usually has a small size because it is used to scoop ice cream.

6. Fish Fork

fish fork

A fish fork is a fork that is used to stab the fish when eating. In a formal table setting, a fish fork usually is smaller compared to a meat fork and is also paired with a knife, to help you cut the fish on the plate.

Like any other fork, the fish fork is made with three to four tines, depends on the cutlery set style. Unlike salad fork, tine on the fish fork has the same size because it is used together with the knife.

Therefore, users do not need a reinforced outer tine to help them cut the fish. Several people using a salad fork as a fish fork when there is no salad served.

7. Salad Fork

salad fork

A salad fork is a fork that is intended to stab lettuce and other vegetables, which are put in a salad. Usually, the salad fork is shorter compared to the average fork, it has around 6 inches in size.

You can find salad forks in some restaurants or houses.

Generally, all salad fork is a little shorter than a normal dinner fork. However, the difference lies in the left and right outer tines, which are thicker than the middle tine.

8. Snail Fork

snail fork

A snail fork is a fork that is intended to prying the snail meat from its shell. Several fork manufacturers give it the name of “escargot fork”, not snail fork.

Snail fork has two long and sharp tines, which are used to poke and pry the snail meat from its shell. Generally, a snail fork is around 4-1/2 inches long, which is made from stainless steel.

9. Serving Fork

serving fork

The serving fork is a fork in a set with a serving fork and a serving spoon. It is used as tongs for serving food that needs two tools, such as salad or pasta.

Individually, a serving fork is used to stab the food in the plate, and a serving spoon is to lift the food from the bowl. generally, the serving fork has three tines and a special shape.

10. Pastry Fork

pastry fork

A pastry fork is a fork that is made for eating pastry and other desserts from the plate. This fork has three or four tines. On the three tines pastry fork, it has a bigger tine, flat and slanted on the side, whereas the four tines pastry fork has the first and second tine connected together and slanted.

Pastry fork has a variety of sizes, ranging from 4 inches (100 mm) to 7.5 inches (190 mm). This fork is designed to be used with the right hand, while the left hand holds the plate. Therefore, the left side is widened to be used like a knife to cut the food when pressed against the plate. The left hand pastry fork has a fairly wide right side.

Those are 10 types of forks that you must know, especially if you want to be someone who works in a restaurant or want to become a professional chef.