7 Types of Exhaust Fan and Their Functions

Exhaust fan is one type of fan that has a function to remove air in the room and replace it with new air from outside. There are many types of exhaust fans on the market, know the following types and their functions:

1. Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fan

exhaust fan langit-langit

This type of fan is usually installed in a room that is not adjacent to an open space so that dirty air must be channeled through the exhaust duct.

This type of exhaust fan requires an air exhaust duct called the Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (MVHR). This duct is installed on the ceiling or inside the ceiling which serves as a distributor of air to the outside of the house.

The size of the ceiling exhaust fan usually ranging from 8 inches, 10 inches, to 12 inches. You have to make sure that it matches the size of the room and the size of the ventilation ducts.

2. Wall Exhaust Fan

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A wall mounted exhaust fan is the type of exhaust fan that is most often used in homes, especially homes that have walls directly opposite an open area.

This type of exhaust fan can be easily installed with a simple installation method. This exhaust fan is also effective at sucking stuffy and dirty air out of your home. This type of exhaust fan also does not require a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (MVHR) or special exhaust ducts.

Usually, wall mounted exhaust fans are not only suitable for installation in the bedroom or living room, but also suitable for installation in the kitchen or bathroom/toilet.

The size of the wall mounted Exhaust Fan usually ranging from 8 inches, 10 inches, to 12 inches. You have to make sure that it matches the size of the room and the size of the ventilation ducts.

3. Exhaust Fan Exterior

exhaust fan eksterior

Similar to a wall-mounted fan, this type of fan actually draws air inside the building and blows it out.

The exterior exhaust fan is perfect for those who don’t want noise problems, because in this case the sound coming out of the fan will be outside the house. This type of exhaust fan has a unit that is placed outside the room.

4. Window Exhaust Fan

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Window fans are designed to fit snugly against an open window, and often have side panels that can be expanded to cover the entire window opening. Most units have one large fan, or two smaller fans mounted side by side.

Most window fans have two or three variable speeds (low, medium, fast) and some are reversible so the user can switch between in and out modes.

Some fans have a thermostat that will turn off the fan if the temperature drops to a certain point, or a grille that can be adjusted to direct the airflow in a certain direction. Other fans offer advanced electronic features such as remote control, auto-off timer.

A more powerful window fan can be used to circulate air throughout the house, acting as a whole house fan.

5. Inline Exhaust Fan

inline exhaust fan

Inline exhaust fans are powerful blower fans and can move large volumes of air. The Inline Exhaust Fan can produce up to 1500 CFM on the 12-inch model. However, this fan consumes less energy than other fans.

CFM means cubic feet per minute. CFM measures the volume of air in cubic feet for each minute of movement. In the case of a fan, the CFM indicates how much air can move per minute.

Inline exhaust fans can be used to dissipate heat and moisture from a tent or large room. Inline exhaust fans can also be found on hosting server cabinet systems and AV equipment. In short, they are designed to cool and ventilate large spaces.

Inline Exhaust Fans are often paired with flexible duct tubes and accessories such as silencers and carbon filters that reduce their effectiveness.

6. Exhaust Fan Cooker Hood

exhaust fan cooker hood

The exhaust fan cooker hood functions to pump the air generated when cooking in the kitchen through the exhaust air duct. Exhaust fan cooker hood effectively removes cooking odors and gases from combustion when cooking.

When installing the exhaust fan cooker hood, you need to think about where the air is going, you can mount it to the wall and channel the air directly through the wall behind the mount.

This equipment uses a filter to remove cooking odors, this air is then recirculated into the room. All of these hoods feature an oil filter as well as a carbon or activated charcoal filter that can neutralize odors while you cook.

Most cooker hoods can be duct-mounted or recirculated, but a recirculated cooker hood is easier to install because you don’t have to worry about ducting. It is also worth considering that these filters need to be replaced periodically.

7. Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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After a shower, moisture will inevitably build up on the surfaces of your bathroom tiles and mirrors. Installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom will ensure that moisture in the bathroom will be easily removed.

In addition, bathroom exhaust fans are usually smaller and more affordable than other types of exhaust fans on the market.