Types of Electrical Outlets Around the World

The electrical outlet is one of the important items and must always be carried when you are going abroad. Because each country has a different socket.

The definition of a socket is an electrical device used to connect electricity to other electricity or to electronic devices at home. Usually it can be seen in electrical installations at home.

The gadgets we have such as smartphones, laptops, power banks, or cameras require battery charging to be used. The part of the socket for plugging in the charger to charge the battery is known as a plug.

Here are 15 types of sockets used in each country. Check out this article for more information.

1. Type A Socket

type A soceket
Type A Socket

There is a plug in the form of two plates closely spaced as a connector. Type A socket is included in the class II socket which consists of a standard two parallel branches. The voltage unit is around 100-127 Volts (V).

Type A outlets are available in 23 countries. For the Asian region, it is available in Cambodia, Myanmar, Maldives, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Philippines, China, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Then it is used in the countries on the American continent, such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, and the United States.

2. Type B Socket

type B socket
Type B Socket

This socket consisted of two plates that are close together as connectors, then there is one plate that has a shape like the letter U. The voltage unit is around 100-230 Volt (V).

This type of socket used in 17 countries, some of the countries come from the Americas, such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, and the United States. Then countries from the Asian region, such as Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, and Thailand.

3. Type C Socket

type B socket
Type C Socket

There are two cylindrical connection legs which are referred to as the Europlug. The plug for the type C socket, consists of two pins having a diameter of 4 mm.

At the center it has a size of 19 mm, distance between pins is 18.6 mm, and the tip is 17.5 mm. Socket types have different voltages, starting from 110 V, 127 V, 220 V, and 230 V.

Type C plugs are used in 30 countries. Some of the countries consist of Indonesia, Bangladesh, Morocco, Paraguay, China, Argentina, Chile and countries in Europe (except Malta, Cyprus, and Ireland).

4. Type D Socket

type D socket
Type D Socket

The type D socket forms a triangle with 3 round connections, and has a power of 5 amperes. The voltage units are about 220 V and 240 V.

Type D plugs are used in 16 countries, mostly in India and Nepal. Available in other countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Macau, Maldives, Monaco, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

5. Type E Socket

type E socket
Type E Socket

There are two connections which have a round shape with a length of 14 mm and a diameter of 4.8 mm. The voltage unit is about 220 V-230 V.

Used in 10 countries, such as in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, France, Poland, Slovakia, Israel, Monaco, Morocco and Ethiopia.

6. Type F Socket

type F socket
Type F Socket

This type of socket is called “Schuko Plug” or “Schutzkontakt” which means “protection socket” or “safety socket” in German. The round shape is equipped with two base clips at the plug.

Used in 14 countries, including in Indonesia, Bhutan, Egypt, Israel, Russia, South Korea, Ethiopia, Macau, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Uruguay.

7. Type G Socket

type G socket
Type G Socket

It is shaped like an isosceles triangle which has a long neutral pin measuring 17.7 mm and a short pin measuring 6.35 mm. The voltages are about 220, 230, and 240 V.

Type G sockets are used in Europe, Malaysia, Ireland, Malta and Singapore.

8. Type H Socket

type H socket
Type H Socket

The type H socket has three triangular forks with a length of about 19 mm. The distance between one connection and another is about 19 mm.

Generally used in Israel, as well as other countries that use type H sockets such as in Palestine and Thailand.

9. Type I Socket

type I socket
Type I Socket

The plug in the type I socket has an inverted V shape with a slope of up to 30 degrees and there is a pin in the middle which is known as grounding.

Countries that use type I sockets are Uruguay, New Zealand, Fiji, China, Argentina, Australia and Myanmar.

10. Type J Socket

type J socket
Type J Socket

There are 3 connections that have a V shape with a slope of up to 30 degrees. These two parallel pins have a function as phase and neutral pins. The pin in the middle functions as a grounding.

Used in countries such as Switzerland, Maldives, and Liechtenstein.

11. Type K Socket

type K socket
Type K Socket

Type K socket consists of 2 types of socket, namely the 10 ampere type which has a connector length of 19 mm and a circle diameter of 4 mm, and 20 amperes which has a connector length of 19 mm and a circle diameter of 4.8 mm.

For the 20 ampere type, it is usually used for heavy equipment. Type K plugs are used in Brazil and South Africa.

12. Type L Socket

type L socket
Type L Socket

It is shaped like three round forks placed in a straight line. Usually used in Chile, Cuba, Ethiopia, Italy, Maldives, San Marino and Uruguay.

The type L power socket is used in Canary, Island, Libya, Syria and several other countries.

13. Type M Socket

type M socket
Type M Socket

There are three round connector forks with a triangle shape. There are also 3 pins with the third pin above the other two pins. This type of socket has a power of 15 amperes.

Usually used in India, Bhutan, Israel, Macau, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Meanwhile, some heavy equipment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel also use them. Then in England they use type M socket for theatrical installations.

14. Type N Socket

type N socket
Type N Socket

There are 2 variants of the type N socket with a power of 10 amperes which has a 44 mm circle diagram and a connector length of 19 mm. For the distance between one pin and another reaches 19 mm.

Type N sockets are used in Goias, Sao Paulo, Esprito Santo, Parana and Bahia.

15. Type O Socket

type O socket
Type O Socket

The type O socket is only used in Thailand. It has two strength pins and one round base pin with a diameter of 4.8 mm. The distance between one connector and the other connector is 19 mm and is insulated as long as 10 mm.

Those are some types of sockets that each country uses differently. Be sure to know what type of socket they use before you travel. Don’t forget to always check the information regarding the country you are going to visit before traveling.