10 Types of Electrical Measuring Instruments and Their Functions

Electricity is a flow that contains an electric charge and is related to physical phenomena. Until now, electricity had various purpose in supporting daily activities. In using electricity for your daily life, you need a device to measure electric voltage.

This type of measuring instrument has a function to measure electrical quantities which include:

• Current magnitude

• Endurance

• Electrical power

• Light power

• Voltage

• Frequency

Well, here are some of the types of electric tools and their functions:

1. Ohm Meter

ohm meter
Ohm Meter

Ohm meter is a device that functions to measure the amount of electricity from a switch. According to ohm’s law, the circuit of electric current is directly proportional to the voltage. This device focuses more on resistance only.

Ohm meters are divided into two, one of them is analog ohm meters. It is a simpler device because it measures with a needle, so you have to be more precise in seeing where the number is located.

Digital ohm meter is an ohm meter that provides more accurate and detailed results. The disadvantage of this digital ohm meter is that it is difficult to monitor when the voltage fluctuates. This ohm meter also has the function of knowing the damage to an electrical circuit, so it can help your work faster.

2. Frequency Meter

frequency meter
Frequency Meter

The next type of electric measuring instrument is the frequency meter; this device has a function to measure the repetition of periodic movements per second. The frequency meter also consists of analog and digital, where the analog meter frequency works by manual needle, and digital frequency meters use more detailed numbers.

3. Volt Meter

volt meter
Volt Meter

The next measuring instrument is a volt meter; this device has a function to measure the amount of voltage of an electric current flowing per second. This volt meter can measure the electric voltage within a predetermined maximum limit. If the voltage exceeds the limit it will cause damage to the device.

Volt meters also consist of two types, they are analog volt meters and digital volt meters. Analog volt meter works by using a needle, while digital volt meter can show you the number in detail.

4. Ampere Meter

ampere meter
Ampere Meter

The fourth type of electric measuring instrument is the ampere meter. This tool serves to measure the electric voltage current in a closed circuit. You only need to attach this ampere meter to the circuit of electric current you want to measure.

5. Watt Meter

watt meter
Watt Meter

The watt meter has a function to measure direct current power. This electric measuring device is a combination of an ampere meter and a volt meter. Besides being able to measure direct current power, the watt meter can also measure the power of a single phase alternating current and measure the power of a three-phase alternating current.

6. Megger


Megger stands for mega ohm meter. Megger is a measuring device to give you information whether the conductor of the instances has a direct connection. Its general function is to measure the insulation resistance of power tools. The minimum is 1000 x working voltage.

7. Kwh Meter

kwh meter
Kwh Meter

Kwh meter works by using magnetic field induction that moves the aluminum plate. Kwh meter is used to calculate electrical energy consumption. Meanwhile, the induction of kwh meter is one of the type that is useful for calculating household electrical power.

In general, this kWh meter is easy to find in every house, because this kWh meter is required to know each electricity consumption in households and other buildings that use this device. The usage will be a bill that must be paid every month.

8. Taco Meter

taco meter
Taco Meter

The next type of electric measuring instrument is the taco meter. This device has a function to measure the engine rotation of vehicles, such as cars and motorbikes. This device has a screen where it displays the speed of the vehicle. In addition, the taco meter is also used to measure the safe point that shows the vehicle rotation speed.

9. Oscilloscope


This device has a function to map the signal from electricity. This type of electric measuring device consists of a physical frequency component. Oscilloscope has measurement results based on digital as well as graphs that are easy to read. There are so many benefits of this oscilloscope, such as differentiating AC and DC voltages in electrical components, knowing noise and checking electronic circuit signals.

10. Avo Meter

avo meter
Avo Meter

Avo meter stands for ampere, voltage and ohm meter. Avo meter is a multifunctional electric measuring instrument for measuring electric current, voltage and resistance of electronic components. Avo meter consists of analog and digital. The analog avo meter uses a needle as a pointer to the result. Where the digital avo meter displays a more accurate number behind the comma.

Those are some types of electric measuring instruments that can be used as needed. This need can be adjusted by using the required electric measuring instrument.