6 Types of Cooking Spatulas and Their Functions

Cooking is a fun activity for some people, especially if the kitchen utensils are fully available. Lots of tools must be in the kitchen, such as pans, spatula, any type of kitchen knife, and others. However, if one of them is not in the kitchen, cooking may be difficult.

Like when you don’t have a spatula which is the main tool for stirring, mixing, lifting, or spreading food that is being cooked, you can’t proceed any further with your cooking. A spatula is a must-have tool in every kitchen.

Please note, the spatula has several types and their respective functions. Before buying a spatula, it’s good to know what they are and what they are used for.

Here are some types and functions of spatulas that you need to know.

1. Wooden Spatula

wooden spatula

Wooden spatulas are often used by most people, because apart from not being easily broken and bent, wooden spatulas will not scratch your Teflon. Many people who use non-stick Teflon use wooden Teflon for their stirrers.

The function of the wooden spatula itself is to stir large amounts of food. The wooden spatula also has a variety of shapes that can make it easier for someone to cook.

Behind the advantages of a wooden spatula, there is extra care, and you have to keep the wooden spatula in the right place. Because wooden spatulas get moldy easily, it is better to hang them and avoid storing them in closed places.

2. Stainless Steel Spatula

stainless steel spatula

Stainless steel spatulas come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, if you want to cook using a stainless steel spatula, it can be conditioned according to your cooking needs, based on the shape with different functions.

The main function of a stainless steel spatula is to sauté and fry the food that is being cooked. If the shape has many holes, it means to lift or filter food from the sauce or water. If the shape is round like a small bowl, it is usually used to take food that is in broth or water.

However, you have to be careful in using a stainless steel spatula and it’s better not to use it in non-stick Teflon. Because it can cause scratches on the Teflon surface, considering that the main ingredient of a stainless steel spatula is made of metal.

3. Frosting Spatula

frosting spatula

With its long and slender shape, the frosting spatula has a major function in the cake-making process, such as putting icing or frosting on the cake.

In addition, the frosting spatula can also be used to put jam in white bread for breakfast, as its slim shape makes it easy for you to apply jam to bread without any hassle.

Even though a frosting spatula is a special spatula or is used for certain things, it doesn’t hurt to buy this spatula, because it can make it easier for you, especially if you like to make cakes. The material of this frosting spatula is made of aluminum and stainless steel.

4. Rubber Spatula

rubber spatula

This rubber spatula is very easy to find on the market, because many people use this spatula. The rubber spatula has a function to stir the cake dough before putting it in the pan.

In addition, you can mix liquid food dough mixed with solid food dough before frying it into a frying pan or Teflon.

A rubber spatula is suitable for use on non-stick Teflon because, with rubber or plastic material, it will not damage the surface of Teflon. However, care must be taken when using a rubber spatula, as it melts easily if exposed to high heat.

So it is not recommended to stir the food for too long as it is dangerous. If it’s melted, it will be easily damaged.

5. Plastic Spatula

plastic spatula

The plastic spatula has the same function as the rubber spatula, which is to mix food or cake dough. However, plastic spatulas tend to be more elastic and easy to knead the dough to your liking.

Please note, don’t use a plastic spatula over a Teflon pan, as it is prone to melting. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America, if the plastic material is exposed to heat, it will cause chemicals that are harmful to the body. And it will cause poisons that are absorbed by food.

Please be wise in using a plastic spatula. Use it on dough that does not have a hot temperature to avoid the possibility of disease and other negative effects on the body.

6. Teppan Spatula

spatula teppan

Usually, the teppan spatula has a function for making Japanese food called teppanyaki. Teppanyaki is cooked on a flat iron skillet. Specifically, its function in making teppanyaki is to cut, chop, and mix spices and ingredients for making teppanyaki.

Then when everything is combined and you are about to pour it into the pan, you can use a teppan spatula to turn the teppanyaki back and forth so they don’t burn. Apart from making teppanyaki, it can be used to make crepes or even omelette.

With its wide shape and not too big a size, equipped with a handle that is not too long like a knife, a teppan spatula can also be used to separate the dough that is stuck in the pan so it doesn’t burn.

But please be careful if you want to use it on non-stick Teflon because it can cause scratches due to the material of the teppan spatula being made of stainless. Therefore, when buying a Teflon or a spatula, they must be matched so that they can be used together.