6 Types of Car Jacks and How Its Work

A car jack is a workshop equipment to raise or lift a car. The car jack has a lever that can be moved by hand and has a lot to do with fixing cars.

The jack is used to look at the car’s underside, change a flat tire with a spare, and wash the car. With the help of a car jack, these things are easier to do.

Please keep in mind that there are two kinds of jacks: mechanical and hydraulic. A mechanical jack uses a force sent to the gear shaft and increases as it goes through the gears.

On the other hand, a hydraulic jack uses a force that is transferred with the help of a liquid. Hydraulic jacks need less power to work, but they put out a lot of power.

Different kinds of jacks can be used for cars right now. Here is a list of the different types of car jacks and what they are used for.

1. Scissor Model Car Jack

 Types of Car Jacks

This scissor car jack is the easiest to use of the different kinds of car jacks. Even this jack is one of the things that come with a new car.

This jack doesn’t have a hydraulic system, so it takes a lot of force to lift the car.

To tighten this jack, you turn the threaded shaft clockwise with a crank stick.

Lift is made by rotation. To get it back down, you have to turn the threaded shaft in the opposite direction of the clock.

Even though it uses a lot of energy, this jack is not too expensive, it is small and easy to carry, and it can lift a car that weighs less than 2 tons.

2. Crocodile Car Jack

 Types of Car Jacks

The crocodile jack is a type of hydraulic jack that is pretty big. This jack is called a crocodile jack because it looks like a crocodile and has a front that opens when it is used.

The alligator jack is very easy to move because it has four wheels. Even though this jack can be used on sloped or uneven ground, it can be used on all types of ground.

Unlike the scissor-type car jack, the crocodile jack is easy to use. Using the lever to turn the lock to the right, the lever is then moved to the hydraulic pump to move it up and down. Just turn the lock to the left when you want to lower it.

The crocodile jack is great for lifting or jacking up big cars that weigh up to 20 tons, or 2.5 tons, or 3 tons. It makes sense that most places that sell this kind of jack are car repair shops.

3. Bottle Model Jack

 Types of Car Jacks

As the name suggests, a bottle jack looks like a bottle and is a type of hydraulic jack. It has a simple shape and is small, making it easy to take anywhere.

The bottle jack has a tube at the bottom and a smaller tube that looks like the neck of a bottle at the top. Before using this jack, you should first tighten the small valve next to the lever.

To raise the car with this jack, you have to pump it up by pulling the lever on the jack. Turn the lever in the opposite direction to loosen the jack valve section to lower it.

Even though it looks small, using a bottle jack is not hard and doesn’t take much energy. Even this jack comes in different sizes that can lift between 2 tons and 100 tons loads.

4. Support Model Jack

 Types of Car Jacks

A support jack is a type of jack used to lift cars for a long time in shops. This jack is a strong box with four legs and a lever on one side.

This jack is easy to use, and mechanics often use it when they need to fix a car at the bottom of the center. We recommend using more than one jack support for oversized vehicles.

5. Train Model Car Jack

 Types of Car Jacks

There is train carjacks that can lift cars that weigh up to 20 tons, like off-road cars, which are usually heavier than regular cars.

Since this jack looks like a train track, it makes sense that it was given that name. Cars that need to be lifted high can be lifted with a cart jack.

When using this jack, care must also be taken because the footplate is small and can quickly move around if not in the right place. So it makes sense that car jacks are used a lot in auto repair shops, where technicians help people use them.

6. Crocodile And Bottle Car Jack

 Types of Car Jacks

This jack looks like a cross between an alligator and a bottle. When you put them together, they make a jack that can lift more weight.

Please remember that bottle jacks can lift a lot but are hard to move. On the other hand, the crocodile jack has wheels that make it easy to move to different places.

So, putting the two together makes the best jack for lifting weights. However, the problem with this jack is that it is too heavy and hard to move.

This jack needs more power to be moved. This crocodile jack and bottle can lift anywhere from 20 tons to 50 tons.

There are different kinds of carjacks that are used for other things. To do this, make sure you buy a car jack that works with your car.

At least choose a jack that is easy to use and is used often so that you won’t have trouble fixing car tires and other things in the future.