Types of Bulldozers and Their Functions

In general, the bulldozer is a type of heavy equipment that is quite popular in various circles, including the general public. Having been made with a distinctive shape and given a unique name make the bulldozer quite familiar.

Usually, bulldozers are used to remove large amounts of various materials such as soil, sand, etc. using a metal plate found on the front. Of course, these plates are made in size and thickness according to the needs as well as the function of each type of bulldozer itself.

Various types of bulldozers can be found easily in the building construction industry projects, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and military. In fact, there are also bulldozers that are used specifically for the benefit of people’s lives, such as removing various materials that block a connecting road.

Here are types of bulldozers based on some of the most commonly used.

1. Crawler Bulldozer

crawler bulldozer
Crawler bulldozer

This type of bulldozer does not use wheels as propulsion, but rather a crawler-like tool like in a military tank. Typically, a crawler bulldozer is equipped with a ripper directly behind it. It is known, the ripper has a shape like a claw that functions as a breaker of hard material.

Basically, this crawler bulldozer is more often used to move materials on land that tends to be uneven. That way, the steel plate on the front can easily move materials such as soil, sand, etc.

One of the characteristics of this one bulldozer component is to use a chain wheel with a greater thrust, especially on soft, ground terrain. In fact, this type of heavy equipment has quite a large buoyancy. This is because the capacity of the ground contact it has is the same.

Interestingly, this crawler bulldozer can be used in various types of terrain, not just soft ground. You can also use it on muddy soil, rocky ground, and other hard surfaces. Therefore, this type of bulldozer is said to have much wider and more flexible use.

2. Wheel Bulldozer

wheel bulldozer
Wheel bulldozer

As the name suggests, this type of bulldozer uses wheels and tires as its driving force. Even so, wheel bulldozers include heavy equipment that is devoted to building construction projects.

When viewed in terms of size, the wheel of the bulldozer is larger than the crawler with a smoother performance as well as an unusually high performance. So don’t be surprised if the rental price of this type of bulldozer tends to be more expensive than the crawler type.

In addition, wheel bulldozers have a much softer surface so they can operate without worrying about damaging the road when used on asphalt. In fact, this type of bulldozer has the speed to move from one area to another.

The advantage of a wheel bulldozer is that it does not require transportation equipment. In addition, this type of bulldozer has a greater output, especially when used at high speeds. That way, the potential for operator fatigue is also relatively smaller so that it is safe to use.

3. Mini Bulldozer

mini bulldozer
Mini bulldozer

As the name suggests, this mini bulldozer has a small shape but is still incredibly powerful. This machine also remains functional with many uses in various fields. Generally, mini bulldozers are used to dredge snow or help in agricultural and plantation activities.

4. Port Handling Bulldozer

port handling bulldozer
Port handling bulldozer

This type of bulldozer is specifically designed to perform various maneuvers in and out of the cargo space of commercial ships with the aim of moving material. The bulldozer handling port features a two-way blade with rear guard that is ideal for handling a wide variety of bulk materials. In fact, the lifting eye around the C-Blade frame and also the rear guard makes it easier to process every job.

Typically, the port handling bulldozer has a super spacious cabin and legroom. In fact, there are several manufacturers who equip it with an air suspension seat so that it can be fully adjusted for the convenience of the operator. Given its extraordinary maneuverability, it’s no wonder the ship loading and unloading time will be faster with this type of bulldozer.

5. Mulchers Bulldozer

mulchers bulldozer
Mulchers bulldozer

Actually, this type of bulldozer is a special version of the crawler bulldozer which is equipped with a tool called a mulcher. The function of the mulchers bulldozer is to do various jobs around forestry, construction, and road repair.

Many large companies use this mulchers bulldozer for the purposes of clearing land or forests. Moreover, this type of bulldozer can accommodate several needs for land clearing work at the same time.

Actually, the mulchers bulldozer is not a new type of heavy equipment in Indonesia. This type has been around for several years with the aim of replacing heavy equipment as well as promoting a zero burning method which is very detrimental.

Interestingly, the costs incurred for land clearing and replanting efforts using the owning operation cost on this mulchers bulldozer have proven to be both more efficient and inexpensive when compared to other heavy equipment.

This is a brief description of the types of bulldozers and their functions, which you need to know more about. While you’re at it, make sure to also check out the bulldozer’s components and their functions. Hopefully, this information is helpful enough.