6 Types of Agriculture Sprayer

Agriculture sprayer is one tool commonly used by farmers in agriculture sector and gardening. You can use it watering the plants, spraying fertilizer for leaves, and spray pesticide for plant pest and diseases problem.

The liquid for spraying is a mixture of pesticide and water. Active ingredients in the pesticide composite sprayed on to the plant from leaves, tree stalk, and fruits too. Main purpose for this process is too eliminate pests and diseases that may harm the plant.

Efficiency and effectiveness level of spraying is determined by the quality and quantity active composite in each droplets that adheres to the targeted area.

Here are the commonly used sprayer in the agriculture sector:

1. Knapsack Sprayer

knpasack sprayer
Knapsack Sprayer

Knapsack sprayer is quite favorable for farmers to use. Gas pressure initiated from a mechanism tool moved by hand, enforcing the liquid from inside the tank to burst out of the end tip.

Liquid will burst outside leading to the air hole in every time pump handle moved. It will increase the pressure inside and forcing the pesticide composite out of the valve then burst to the target area through the nozzle.

Normally the gas pressure ignited by the pump is contant in 0,7-1,0 Kg/Cm2 or 10-15 Psi. To obtain this amount of pressure, user needs to pump out up to 8 times.

In order to stabilize the pressure, pumping works in both ways. User should move the handle up and down during the process.

Types of the knapsack sprayer:

Knapsack Manual Sprayer

By its name, we can see that this type works manually by the hand movements mechanism to obtain a certain level of gas pressure.

The tank is made of plastic and comes in multi size capacity, start from 4 until 9 litre. But for a medium size agriculture business, farmers use the stainless steel tank with a capacity in 14 litre. To maintain time efficiency spraying process rather than doing multi times of composite preparation.

Knapsack Electric Sprayer

This sprayer using electric pump mechanism. Tank capacity available in 5 until 8 litre, for bigger size in 16 litre.

Knapsack electric sprayer nowadays is widely chosen by farmers because of it works not by hand pumping mechanism. By doing so farmers can focus more on pest and disease control on the plants.

Knapsack Power Sprayer

Many farmer preference of sprayer. No surprise there this type easily to be find the market place. Pump energy derives from a machine of high pressure motor up to 8 litre per minute.

The machine itself requires fuel, it can be in pure gasoline or you can use a mixed of oil and gasoline in the ratio of 1:25.

2. Motor Sprayer

motor sprayer
Motor Sprayer

A motor sprayer using a machine to generate pump contraction mechanism and enforcing the liquid burst out of the tank as needed.

Varieties of motor sprayer depends on type and brand manufactured. As examples, pulled by a vehicle, carried over on the back, placed on the land surface, and the one being carried up high by a plane. Commonly used in the market place of this kind of sprayer is the boom sprayer and mist blower power sprayer.

3. CDA Sprayer

CDA Sprayer
CDA Sprayer

Different than the previous sprayer types, CDA sprayer mechanism is not driven by gas pressure, it rely on the gravitation energy and disc rotation instead.

Composite in the tank will flow through the hose towards nozzle, then receipt by jagged disc. While the jagged disc is rotating, the liquid will spread out on the targeted.

Jagged disc itself powered by a battery, 12 voltage. The energy activated rotation up to 2000 rpm with the droplets size of 250 mikron.

That size of droplets is perfect for watering onto the weeds. That is why this sprayer named as Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) Sprayer.

4. Tractor Sprayer

tractor sprayer
Tractor Sprayer

Tractor nowadays used not only to plow a land field, it also can be useful as a sprayer by carrying the machine and tank on the rear. The machine and tank carried by this tractor, then pointing out to the crops which requires pesticide spraying.

This technology is still rare in some countries, mostly used by advanced countries such as in Europe or United States. There is a probability that most countries’ government shall apply this tractor for agriculture industry to increase a more qualifying crops harvested.

5. Hand Sprayer

hand sprayer
Hand Sprayer

From many types of sprayer, probably hand sprayer is the most modest and cheap to have. Light weight and portable size manually operated by hand.

Interesting usage method of this hand sprayer by some people not just for urban farming, but also for spraying leaves fertilizer or simply watering the plants.

6. Drone Sprayer

drone sprayer
Drone Sprayer

Drone utilization is not just military services. By the technology revolution, agriculture sector nowadays is using drone as well, for pesticide spraying. This will help farmers easier spraying process faster.

Drone sprayer in many countries is still rarely used for pesticide spraying. Probability wide open of the government intended for drone sprayer to be applied in near time. Expected to decrease harvesting failure due to pest and diseases in the future to come.