5 Tips on How to Choose Nonstick Teflon with Good Quality

Teflon is known as a type of pan or non-stick pan that is flat and has long and wide handles.


Teflon is a cooking tool that you must have in the kitchen. This utensil has many functions that are very helpful in daily cooking activities, such as helping to flatten meat, used for grilling, frying, and can even be used for boiling food.

There are many types of Teflon that are available on the market, but don’t buy it carelessly if you don’t want to have a low quality Teflon. Here are some tips for buying good quality Teflon that are safe to be used for cooking:

1. Teflon Material

If you want to buy a non-stick pan, it’s better to choose one made from Teflon, because it doesn’t stick easily. The price also varies, sometimes the more expensive the price of a Teflon, the better the quality.

By using Teflon, you don’t need too much cooking oil, because fried food won’t stick to Teflon easily.

Even though it is known as non-stick material, Teflon requires care that must be treated differently compared to other cooking utensils, so that it does not peel off easily. Teflon is known to peel off easily. It is also fragile or easily damaged, and cannot withstand large flame. The bottom of the Teflon will look burnt if it exposed to large flame.

There are types of Teflon that made from ceramic too, but they tend to be heavier. Teflon ceramic material is strong against high temperatures and is not easy to peel off.

2. Teflon Size

Teflon has a high popularity because of its promises to be a non-sticky cookware. There are many sizes of Teflon sold both in cookware stores and in e-commerce. Choosing the size of Teflon must also be considered. Choose Teflon size according to your needs before buying it.

Teflon has a diameter ranging from 12 cm to 32 cm. Usually Teflon with a 12 cm diameter is used to cook pancakes, omelette, or can be used to warm any food.

Meanwhile, Teflon with a 32 cm diameter is used for cooking large portions of food or for frying large quantities of food.

If you still live alone, it is advisable to buy Teflon that is no more than 28 cm in diameter, whereas if you already live with your family, it’s better to buy Teflon with a diameter of at least 32 cm so you can make large portions meal.

3. Pay Attention to the Teflon Handle

The handle on the Teflon has an important role for your cooking activity. Surely most people will look for a handle that is comfortable to hold while cooking and does not transmit heat.

Usually the Teflon handle is made of wood, plastic and metal. But each of these material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Teflon that use a wooden or plastic handle is very comfortable to use, because it is lightweight, does not transmit heat to the hands, and is easy to grip. However, the disadvantage is that wooden and plastic handles have a short lifespan or are not very durable and are more easily damaged. And if it is continuously exposed to heat, after a long time it will feel hot when used.

Meanwhile, Teflon with a metal handle, is heavier and sometimes transfers heat from the dish to the hands. But the advantage is that it has a longer life or is more durable if given proper care. The metal handle also does not rust easily and is easy to clean after you finished cooking. So just adjust it to your cooking needs.

4. Pay Attention to the Base of Teflon

The base part of the Teflon is often not getting enough attention. Actually, the base part are something that must you must consider before buying a Teflon. Teflon usually has a concave or flat bottom.

There are several sources that say Teflon which has a concave bottom surface will make it easier to transfer heat. While Teflon which has a flat bottom surface, it will be more difficult to transfer heat.

If you have an induction stove at home, it is highly recommended to buy a special Teflon for induction hobs, because induction hobs are different from normal stoves.

Induction stoves do not use fire when ignited, but instead use electrical energy which is the main source of heat energy. Teflon made from stainless steel is the right choice for induction hobs.

5. Choose the Right Spatula

Usually the purchase of Teflon and spatula is done separately, so it is highly recommended to buy Teflon according to the size of spatula you have at home.

Spatula is a cooking tool that is usually used to stir food while it is cooking. If your spatula is too big or too small compared to the Teflon, it will be hard for you to stir your food.

So it is advisable to buy non-stick spatula too. Usually non-stick spatula is made of wood, heat-resistant plastic, or silicone.

Why should you choose spatula with these 3 materials? Because the three materials will not scratch the Teflon. If Teflon has been scratched, it will be easily damaged and dangerous for your health.