4 Tips for Choosing the Right Switch

The switch is an electrical device that has an essential job: it connects or disconnects the lamp’s electric current.

Most of the time, the switch is square and made of plastic or mica. But some switches hang down like the switch on a desk lamp.

Electricity and switches go together very well. So, to avoid an electric short circuit, you shouldn’t choose a switch without giving it some thought.

Here are some tips for picking the right switch:

1. Try Pressing the Switch Button Repeatedly

One way to find the right switch is to repeatedly press the switch or rocker button. When the button is pressed on or off on a good switch, it will usually make a soft “click” sound.

By pressing the switch’s button, you can find out how good the spring inside the switch is.

Quality switch springs are made of soft materials so that the springs won’t lose their flexibility even if they are used a lot and for a long time.

2. Check Terminal Cable Strength

When choosing a switch, you should also pay attention to the terminal cable and whether or not it is strong enough.

You can easily find out by putting an NYA-type cable into the terminal hole and slowly pulling it out. In this situation, getting the line out of the switch terminal hole will be hard.

To take the cable off, all you have to do is press the insulator above the terminal. Later, the insulator is pushed together by pulling the cable out of the terminal hole.

You can find out how good the switch insulator is by pressing it repeatedly without weakening the switch cable terminals.

3. Choose a switch according to its placement

Before buying a switch, it’s a good idea to figure out where it will go. This has to do with how to install the switch or how to install it later.

From the point of view of how the switch is put in, there are two types: the inbow switch and the outbow switch.

IB switch, which stands for “inbow switch,” is a type of switch placed by planting on the wall. The switch and its wires are hidden inside the wall so they can’t be seen from the outside.

This switch has an excellent shape because it only shows the button and the holder.

The outbow switch, also called an OB switch, is suitable for old buildings where you want to add a switch without making a hole in the wall. Putting it up is as easy as sticking it to the wall.

Compared to the inbow switch, the outbow switch is more accessible and valuable. This switch works well and is easy to take off. The outside switch looks less neat because the cable is visible.

4. Choose the number of buttons as needed

A switch is called a “gang” when it has more than one button. If a switch says “1 gang,” it can only control one lamp. This type of switch is called a “single switch.”

While “2 gang” means that this switch has two buttons or is a “double switch,” it also means that this switch model can control more than one lamp.

Because of this, it is best to plan before installing the switch. Because this affects what kind of switch will be used later, whether it is a 1-gang switch or a 3-gang switch.

For example, a double-type switch is better for a room with more than one lamp.

Here are some ideas to help you choose the right switch. In addition to the above tips, you should consider the scalar brand. Make sure the switch comes from a brand known for making good products and meeting SNI standards.