7 Tips for Choosing Badminton Racket with a Good Quality

Badminton is a sport that is in demand by many people. Badminton sports, require a quality racket and shuttlecock that is comfortable to use.

If you want to play badminton, you must pay attention to the racket you are going to use. Because racket is badminton equipment that plays an important role in this sport. If the racket used does not feel comfortable and suitable, it will interfere with your performance.

Here are some ways or tips to choose a good badminton racket.

1. Pay Attention to the Specifications of the Racket

In choosing a racket to use, you must do it carefully. As a beginner who is just trying this sport, you should pay attention to the racket specifications which include the weight of the racket and how flexible the racket is.

There are types of rackets that are heavy and light when used to play badminton. By choosing a lightweight racket, it will certainly make it easier for someone who is a beginner.

The weight of a badminton racket that is usually marked with a “U” sign, here are 6 kinds of U signs in each badminton racket, namely:

  • U: 95-99 grams
  • 2U: 90-94 grams
  • 3U: 85-89 grams
  • 4U: 80-84 grams
  • 5U: 75-79 grams
  • 6U: 70-74 grams

You can see that the higher the U marks, the lighter the racket. Usually the badminton racket that is often used is a light racket, between 3U, 4U, 5U, and 6U.

In addition to paying attention to the weight of the racket, you must try a badminton racket by holding the racket. Look for a racket that is comfortable to grip and feels light when moved.

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There are ways to find out whether the racket is worth buying or not, as well as to find out the balance of the racket. The trick is to place your index finger in the middle of the racket shaft, then shake the racket slowly several times until you find a balanced condition.

To determine the level of flexibility of the racket, hold the racket head and racket handle, then bend slowly. This is done to determine whether the racket is flexible or not. The more flexible the racket, the better the racket will have a good bounce during the smash.

2. Badminton Playing Style

By knowing your play style during badminton, it can be easier to choose a racket. There are 3 types of badminton playing styles, namely:

  • Attacking style: attacking style players usually smash their opponent and require a racket that is not very flexible. The 2U or 3U type of racket will suit the player’s attacking style.
  • Defensive style: usually players with a defensive style tend to receive more frequent blows from opponents. Then the lighter type of racket will be better to use. The 3U or 4U racket types are suitable for defensive style players.
  • Combination style (attacking and defending): If you feel you are playing both styles, you can choose the 3U racket type, as it has a moderate degree of flexibility.

3. Racket Handle

You have to pay attention to the grip of the racket and try to hold the racket, because if the grip of the racket is too hard or slippery, it will make it difficult for you to play badminton. Line the handle of the racket with the handgrip for your comfort when holding the racket.

There are 2 types of handgrip, namely rubber handgrip and towel handgrip. Rubber coated handgrip is one of the right choices, because it is less slippery and more flexible when used.

While the towel-lined handgrip is more soft and comfortable to use, but it has disadvantages because the towel-lined handgrip absorbs sweat and easier to get dirty.

4. Racket Material

The material of the racket affects how long the racket can last. Choose a racket that has carbon-fiber material, because it is not easily damaged and does not rust easily. The carbon-fiber racket also has a long service life without any damage.

5. Racket Head Shape

There are 2 types of racket head shapes, they are the oval shape and the isometric shape. The oval head shape has fewer spots to hit a good shot, when compared to the isometric head shape which has a wider string bearing, so it is easier to make a better shot when playing badminton.

6. Racket Brand

It turns out that the racket brand affects the level of comfort when using the racket. Before buying a racket, please do some searches first what brand of racket is the best. Here are some famous racket brands, they are Adidas, Yonex, Apacs, and others.

Each racket from various brands has several different types of racket. Brands like Adidas, Yonex, and Apacs certainly have advantages and provide guaranteed comfort, because these brands are among the most popular. Because many badminton athletes use it. This indicates that the racket from that brand has good quality.

7. Price of the Racket

The slogan “where there is a price, there is quality” may apply to purchasing a racket to play badminton. Usually the racket that is more expensive provides better quality. However, that does not mean that the cheaper racket is not good, you can adjust it according to your budget.

Buy directly from a racket seller shop, so you can choose and experience firsthand which racket is the best according to your needs and your budget.

In addition to a quality racket, choose good shuttlecock too so that the game runs smoothly and comfortably.