3 Tips for Choosing a Set Top Box

A set-top box also called an STB, is a receiver or signal converter for an analog TV. A function of the set-top box is to catch digital TV broadcast signals. To put it simply, this device must be attached to an analog TV or a TV that does not yet support digital broadcast standards, like a tube TV, in order to capture digital broadcast signals properly.

So it makes sense that the demand for set-top boxes has kept going up since some time ago. The government’s decision to switch from analog to digital broadcasts in November 2022 also backs this up.

It is easy to get a set-top box these days. These items have been sold both online and in stores that sell electronics. But before you buy one, it wouldn’t hurt to read the tips below on how to choose a set-top box.

1. Check the Specifications

Set-top boxes that are sold on the market today usually come in a box with a cable and a remote. Actually, these parts are all you need to watch digital TV.

In addition to these parts, the set-top box can also have other parts, like a USB Wi-Fi dongle to connect to the internet. This USB Wi-Fi acts as a signal receiver for the internet, so the TV can pick up online TV broadcasts and YouTube streaming. But usually, this part is sold separately from the set-top box.

2. There is a Certificate

The presence of a government certificate is also important when choosing a set-top box. With this certificate, the set-top box device meets the requirements set by authorities.

Also, pay attention to whether the set-top box has a DVB-T2 or MODI mark. Please note that Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial Second Generation, or DVB-T2 for short, is the standard for digital broadcasting in Indonesia.

When buying a set-top box, you should also think about whether or not it has the standard logo on it. The standard logo means that the set-top box has met government standards for quality and safety.

If the set-top box has these three signs, it means that it can receive digital TV broadcasts.

3. Search Product Reviews

There are different set-top boxes from different companies on the market. Each set-top box has its own pros and cons, so you can’t compare them. Find out what other people think about set top boxes before you buy one so you don’t make a mistake.

You can start by asking people who have used the set-top box. Just ask what the pros and cons of the set-top box you have are.

Joining a social media group that talks about set top boxes is a good way to get more reviews of different products. Most of the time, it is easy to find product reviews for different brands in these communities.

Reading product reviews or reviews like this is more reliable than reading reviews of set-top boxes on social media, marketplaces, etc. Because reviews don’t just come from one place, but from a lot of different places, so the information they give is more varied.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good set-top box. Also, make sure you buy a set-top box from a reputable store or one that is known for the quality of its products. We hope that the above information can help.