The Types of Stapler Based on the Use and Size

A stapler is a tool to hold together a bunch of papers by putting in a “U”-shaped piece of metal with a sharp end.

The stapler can also be used as a place to store staples. The way a stapler works is pretty simple: you press down on the ends of the pins to bend them.

The role of the stapler is vital, especially concerning paper, like photocopying, offices, schools, restaurants, and so on.

From what has been written down, the stapler has been around in France since the 18th century. The hand-powered stapler was made in the 1700s for King Louis XIV, and each has its coat of arms.

In the 19th century, paper use grew along with the rest of society. This meant that a more helpful tool for the binding paper was needed. On September 30, 1841, a man named Samuel Slocum got a patent for a modern device for binding documents.

There have been many improvements made to staplers. George W. McGill got U.S. Patent No. 67,665 on August 13, 1867, for presses that could put staples into paper.

And now different kinds of staplers can be used for other things. Here are the different types of staplers you can buy today.

The Types of Staplers Based on Use

People might not know that there are different kinds of staplers based on how they are used. From the point of view of how they are used, there are:

1. Standard Stapler

stapler standar

The type of stapler most people use is this one.

The standard stapler is always around because it is small (about the size of the palm of your hand) and doesn’t take up much space when stored.

This standard stapler can join anywhere from 2 to 20 sheets of paper.

2. Heavy Duty

heavy duty

A heavy-duty stapler can hold together up to 100 sheets of paper. This model is for binding documents, which usually involve more than one sheet of paper.

They are big and heavy enough that you need a flat surface like a table to put them on. It’s easy to figure out how to use it. You need to press the lever with your palm, and the papers will be bound together neatly.

3. Stapleless


Sometimes, no more than five sheets of paper need to be put together. To put them together, you need a “stapler without staples” or “stapler without staples.”

In contrast to a standard stapler, the part of the paper that goes through the stapler will not stick out. So, when the pieces are stacked, the surface won’t look like it’s getting more prominent in one spot.

There are usually two ways to staple paper together. The first way is to press the piece together. The second way is to make a small hole in the form to hold it together.

Models that only use pressure are easier to take off, so they are better for holding temporary paper.

4. Rotating Stapler

Rotating Stapler

A rotating stapler is a type of stapler used to join two pieces of paper together in the middle and vertically, such as when making booklets.

Even a standard or heavy-duty stapler can’t bind the paper in the middle of the fold.

As its name suggests, the rotating or center stapler can turn, making it easy to join two pieces of paper in the middle of a fold. A rotating stapler can join thick paper like cardboard as well as writing.

5. Stapler Shoot

stapler tembak

A stapler isn’t always used to hold pieces of paper together. It can also be used to join hard things like pieces of wood.

The stapler used to join wood together is unlike any other stapler. This type of stapler is called a firing stapler, and it uses wind power to push the staples through hard things that need to be joined.

Shooting staplers are often used to do things with wood, like make frames, package containers, etc. A staple gun has a more rigid lever, so you must be careful when using it.

6. Electric Stapler

stapler elektrik

Electric staplers are a type of stapler that is often used in offices or for activities like binding, publishing, and packaging. With this stapler, you can bind things more quickly and accurately.

Even photocopiers have this electric stapler built in so that the results of the binding done with the stapler are printed out automatically by the photocopier.

Types of Stapler Based on Size

The stapler is divided into several sizes, including:

1. Small Size Stapler

Stapler Ukuran Kecil

This stapler uses No. 10 or No. 23 staples, the standard sizes for Japanese Industrial Standards (European-American standard). The small stapler can hold up to 20 sheets of paper.

2. Medium Size Stapler

Stapler Ukuran Sedang

Fill sizes No. 3 (Japanese Industrial Standards standard), and No. 35 are used in a stapler in the middle range (European-American standard).

Depending on the length of the stapler handle, this model can bind or join up to 75 sheets of paper.

3. Large Size Stapler

Stapler Ukuran besar

This stapler works with materials that are size No. 1 (Japanese Industrial Standards) or No. 12 (European-American standard). Depending on how long the stalk is, the giant stapler’s fill size can hold between 50 and 250 sheets of paper together.

These are some of the different types of staplers you should know how to use. Make sure that the stapler you choose is the best for your needs.