The Choke Function on the Motorcycle You Need to Know

Along with the development of motorized vehicle technology, modifications have also been made, starting from the engine, shape, to the features contained in it. There are even some components that have been removed to be changed to newer and certainly better components.

One of the components or motorcycle spare parts that can only be found on the old type of motorcycle is the presence of a carburetor. Carburetors are only found on motors which the settings are still done manually.

Meanwhile, most of today’s motorcycles are equipped with an injection system with settings using a computer or Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

On the carburetor of the motor there is a special lever known as the choke. The choke itself can be found on the left handlebar and there is an inscription on the lever. But there are also those near the carburetor.

However, it turns out that not many people know what the function of the choke on the motor actually is.

The choke on the motor functions to flow gasoline to match the air mixture when you want to do combustion. In other words, the function of the choke is to enrich the motor fuel mixture.

Generally, chokes are used when the engine is cold in the morning or difficult to start.

The mixture of gasoline or fuel is generally adjusted by the type of motor with the same goal of increasing the availability of the amount of steam used for combustion when starting the engine.

Using a choke is also not arbitrary. As previously explained, the choke is used when the engine is cold. The trick is to simply pull the choke lever on the left handlebar, wait a few moments then turn on the engine.

If the engine is running, you should immediately return the choke lever to its original position. This is to restore the fuel supply to normal.

In addition, it is also important to note that each model and brand of motor has two different types of chokes, namely valves and cables.

For motorcycles that use cables, it usually reduces airflow in the combustion process.

As for the valve type choke, usually take advantage of the increased amount of fuel during the process. Even so, the function of both remains the same.