Paper Stuck in the Photocopy Machine: Causes and Solutions

There are various problems that can occur on a machine. Including a photocopy machine that is quite large in size.

The machine that functions to copy document can also have problems, whether it’s an error in the machine, the ink cartridge runs out or leaks, and others. However, there is one problem that often occurs with photocopiers, which is paper jams.

For those who have just bought or don’t know how to use copy machine, maybe you will be confused if you have a paper stuck in the copier. Moreover, if the size of the paper that is stuck is a large size such as A3 paper for example, then you will be in trouble, of course.

This paper jam problem will be detected on the copier screen. This problem is very common in any photocopier.

Causes of Paper Stuck in the Photocopy Machine

Actually, this problem is quite easy to solve if you know where the paper is stuck. What actually causes printed paper to get stuck in the copier?

Here are some of the causes of paper stuck in the copier:

1. The Copier Rubber Roller Is Worn

The cause of the photocopy paper stuck in the copier is the rubber roller inside the copier is worn out. The worn rubber rollers cause the paper to drag or get stuck when the process goes into the photocopier.

2. Non-standard Printing Paper Weight and Size

Generally, the weight of paper for use in photocopiers is 70 to 80 grams. The light weight of the paper will make it difficult to pull the paper into the copier while the photocopying process is in progress.

Paper size can also have an effect. If the size is too large, the paper will also be difficult to be pulled by the machine roll.

3. Damp Paper

The next cause of paper jams is the condition of the paper that is damp. This condition can make the paper difficult to pull out and even later the paper will wrinkle if you force it. This of course will make the paper stuck in the photocopier.

If you don’t fix this problem immediately and it keeps repeating itself, then it’s possible that the components in the machine could be damaged.

If this happens, you must be prepared to spend quite a lot of money for service costs and spare part replacement costs. To solve the paper jam problem, you can follow the methods below to solve it.

How to Overcome Paper Stuck in the Photocopy Machine

For how to deal with stuck paper or paper jams in the copier, the method varies depending on the location where the paper is stuck.

Therefore, to deal with paper stuck in the copier, you must first understand where the paper is stuck. The following are ways to clear paper jams according to where they are:

1. Paper Stuck in the Heater (Exit Roll)

To fix paper stuck in the heater, you can use the following methods:

  • Open the side cover of the copier first.
  • After that, open the handle on the heater.
  • Gently pull out the jammed paper until there is no paper remaining.
  • After that, close the back cover of the copier.

2. Paper Stuck in Machine Tray

Printed paper can also get stuck in the tray 2, 3, or tray 4 on the copier. This problem is also quite often experienced by many people. The fix is:

  • First, open the side cover of the machine first.
  • Then, open the engine bypass cover.
  • Also open the lower side cover on the copier.
  • Furthermore, if all the parts have been opened, then pull the paper stuck in the tray slowly so that all the paper can be pulled out.
  • If there is no more paper left then put back the cover that was opened earlier.

3. Paper Stuck in the Duplex Section of the Machine

To overcome paper stuck in the duplex part of the machine, actually the method used is the same as before, namely by:

  • Open the duplex copier cover.
  • Also open the side cover of the copier.
  • Pull the paper carefully so that the paper can be pulled out without any residue.
  • If there are no more paper jams, reinstall the parts that were opened earlier.

4. Paper Stuck in Roll Transfer Machine

To solve paper stuck in the roll transfer machine, do the following:

  • Open the side cover of the machine first.
  • Pull the paper stuck in the transfer roll.
  • After that, you can close the side cover that was previously opened.

5. Paper Stuck in the ADF

Paper stuck in the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) can also happen, even many people experience it. To resolve paper jams in the ADF section, do the following:

  • First, open the top cover of the ADF section and the roll section first.
  • Second, turn the roll wheel counter clockwise to open it.
  • Next, carefully pull the paper stuck in the section.
  • Finally, close it again if it feels finished.

Those are the various causes and ways to deal with printed paper stuck in the copier. If you really can’t handle this at all, then you can call a photocopier technician to fix it. However, generally everyone will be able to fix this because it is easy to do.

The methods above are general methods that you can apply to all types of photocopiers. However, if the photocopy machine is more sophisticated or has a different size, maybe the way to handle it is a little different.