Noisy Laptop Fan: Causes and How to Fix it

Laptop is not separable from the daily routine of most people. From the students to the workers, use it to make the job easy. High intensity of usage sometimes make it to emit a noisy sound when used.

Besides this is so bothering, it can also damage the laptop. It is very unfortunate when our laptop suddenly broke, in addition to that if there are our precious files there. What is the causes that make the laptop noisy? And how to fix it?

The Causes Fans of the Laptop so Noisy

There are several things that can make the fans of the laptop so noisy:

1. Broken Fan

How old are your laptop? How often do you use it daily?

The age of usage can be the cause that your laptop’s fan is broken. More over if you it many hours daily for the hard load of work.

The broken fan will cause the laptop to emit a noisy sound when used. The solution is to replace the fan of the laptop.

If you cant do it alone, you can ask the technician. Choose a reliable technician and then replace the old fan with the new high quality of fan.

2. Dirty Fan

The loud noise emitted from the laptop is not always because its broken. It can happened because of the dirty fans or there is other materials inside the laptop.

If this happened, try to clean the fans using vacuum or open the lid of the laptop and swipe with the rag. Fans that is spin in the high speed with enough friction can cause the over heating.

If this left unattended, it can be a factor that causes of overheating laptop, it can lower the performance of the laptop, damage the processor and other components inside. Thats why you should solve it before it can be a bigger problem.

3. Overload Work

The speed of the fans is varied because of the intensity of the workload. The harder the work load of the laptop, the faster it spins, so it will emitt more noisy sound.

Some of the works that can be hard on the laptop is rendering, playing video games, opening multiple tabs of browser, scanning for viruses, multitasking with many apps, and so on. There activites can make overheating and the fans to work harder.

The solution is to open the task manager by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons together and see what apps that are opened, and then close the unimportant apps.

Some of the apps are adjusted to automatically open after the laptop turned on, change the settings and make it manual.

If there is an app that is working in background, you should turn it off too. Then your laptop will have less work to do.

Besides the task manager, you can also defragment your laptop periodically so that your laptop is always clean and efficient.

To check your laptop’s temperature, you can install the third party app called the RealTemp. So that you can check the temperature without having to open you laptop.

How to Fix the Noisy Fans of the Laptop

1. Dry Thermal Paste

Processor is the part of the laptop that can get heated easily. Thats why there is a special fans located in it to cool down the temperatur.

On top of the processor there is the thermal paste that works to distribute and dispose the heat. If there is not any paste, the processor will have a gap with the cooling system, and from this gap there will be heat.

Thats why, the thermal paste applied to seal the gap and therefore the heat can be distributed. If the paste is dried or not functioning anymore you can just open the processor of the laptop, clean it from the dried thermal paste, and re-applied the new thermal paste, before you close the lid.

Dont ever use the fluid like a toothpaste or cooking oil, because there substance can cause more heat to the laptop.

2. Upgrade the OS

By default we are currently using the operating system of Microsoft or Apple that is updated periodically. One of the reason this update going on is to adjust the hardware drive into our operating system.

IT is often that the driver of the software can increase the work load of the laptop, hence it will be more noisy that it normally does.

With the adjusment of the update, you laptop can avoid such of the problems mentioned before such as the noisy laptop from the fans.

3. Use the Additional Software

You can use the software of SpeedFan to adjust the speed of the fans. This can lower the noisy sound of the fans.

But you still have to adjust the speed based on the work load of the processor.

Dont ever adjust it to the lower level and then make the laptop overheating. One of the reason that you need the software, because the default settings from the driver is on the medium level of the fans.

4. Use the SSD

Solid State Drive (SSD) can work more efficiently compared to the magnetic disk of the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) . Because it is more efficient, it is less consuming of the power and the heat outflow also become smaller, therefore the fan will also work leisurely.

5. Laptop Cooler

Adding the external laptop cooler can increase the efficiency of the heat outflow, compared to the factory fans.

The cooler fans have more efficient work and the silent sound system can make it is not noisy while you work.

Besides that, the cooler fan that is in the market has unique and futuristic design that can add the aesthetic value to your laptop.

The use of this additional fans can also increase the laptop performance, suitable to the eyesight level therefore keep body form stay in shape.