Motor Piston Rings: Components, Functions, and Signs When Damaged

Piston rings are components that work to affect the performance of the motor engine. This one motor component is very important because the existence of the piston ring affects the motor as a whole and is very important for the piston.

The piston ring is located on the motor piston. The shape is as the name implies, which is in the form of a ring or circle with a diameter larger than the motor piston. Piston rings are very influential in the engine combustion process in the cylinder chamber.

Motor Piston Ring Components

komponen ring piston motor

The piston ring in the motor consists of 5 parts which are divided into 3 different groups. Each of these piston rings acts in a different way even though there are some similarities to the motor pistons. Generally, they exist in 4 stroke motors.

The components of the piston ring consist of:

  • The piston ring is located at the very top or called the compression ring one. It has a role to ensure that there is no leakage from the combustion chamber and withstand compression pressure when there is combustion in the motor.
  • The piston ring is located in the middle (second) or known as the double compression ring. It has a role to ensure that the performance of the upper piston ring works properly and sweeps the remaining oil. Compression rings one and two have a function simultaneously, namely to maintain the stability of the engine compression on the motor.
  • The piston ring, which is located at the bottom or the oil ring, which consists of 3 rings, serves to accommodate oil and lubricate the cylinder liner walls, as well as to keep the storage area so that the oil in the liner does not rise to the combustion chamber.

Motor Piston Ring Functions

Given the importance of motor piston rings, here are some more specific functions of piston rings based on their respective parts as complementary components to the motor, including:

  • Preventing Leakage From Compression

The top ring prevents any leaks that occur in compression in the combustion chamber which is filled with air and fuel.

Because compression is very influential in the performance of the motorbike engine. If it is too high, it will make the engine tingle or knocking. Meanwhile, if it is too low, it will cause a shortage of manpower.

  • Ensuring That Engine Oil Does Not Enter the Combustion Chamber

The outer side of the compression ring which has a tapered shape, functions to sweep the engine oil against the cylinder wall. For the lowest ring, which is called the oil ring, it works to lubricate the cylinder walls, but the oil will not penetrate the fuel chamber.

  • Transferring the Heat Coming from The Piston to the Cylinder Wall

The top and middle rings function to distribute the heat generated by the piston surface of the motor. This will make the upper surface of the piston more stable.

How Motor Piston Rings Work

Between the compression ring and the oil ring there are two different ways of working, although they both belong to the piston ring class.

  • Compression Ring

The way the compression ring works is that when the piston suction moves from the upper dead center to the lower dead center, the piston ring will function to close the piston cavity, so the new combustion chamber can suck fuel.

When the compression stroke occurs, the piston will move from the lower dead center to the upper dead center, then the piston ring will be located at the bottom. So there will be a stretch that is sealed against the cylinder wall, this process is known to prevent leakage.

When the piston is trying to move from the upper dead center to the lower dead center, there will be an explosion that occurs in the combustion chamber, so this process will push the piston ring down. Then, the piston ring will close the leakage generated by the pressure from the explosion.

At the time of the exhaust step, the piston will immediately move from the lower dead center to the upper dead center, then the piston ring will be pushed downward due to gas pressure. After that, the piston ring will expand on the cylinder wall.

Then the exhaust gas will be held and pushed into the exhaust manifold and removed by the piston ring to avoid leakage.

  • Oil Ring

The oil ring works when the piston moves from the lower dead center to the upper dead center. The oil ring will lubricate the entire cylinder wall with oil continuously.

Then when moving from the upper dead center to the lower dead center, the oil ring will rinse the remaining oil which makes the oil return to the oil reservoir. The layers inside the cylinder walls can make the piston rings less prone to wear. The cause of wear itself is the friction between the piston rings and the cylinder walls.

Faulty Motor Piston Ring Signs

  • Engine Oil Will Exhaust Quickly

Piston rings lose function, due to weakening and wear. A worn ring causes oil to enter the combustion chamber and the oil will burn in vain, so it will run out quickly.

  • There is White Smoke Emitted by the Exhaust

In connection with the sign above, oil entering the combustion chamber will cause white smoke. If you see white smoke on your motorbike, immediately check your motorbike to the nearest repair shop. If necessary, replace a set of piston rings to make it safer.

Thus the discussion about motor piston rings. You need to take good care of the motorbike so that the piston rings and other components are not easily damaged.