5 Functions of Grinding Machine Based on Type

A grinding machine is a very important tool in industrial activities. Grinding machines are well-known as power tools that are widely used for cutting or smoothing a workpiece.

In general, grinding machines have a variety of functions including:

  1. Workpieces with thicknesses that are not very thick need to be cut.
  2. Making the surface of the workpiece smooth or even.
  3. Become the last step or finishing touch on a piece of work.
  4. Sharpen the cutting tool so that it can be used again.
  5. Get rid of any sharp edges on the piece of work.
  6. Make a profile on the piece of work.

But if you look closely, you’ll see that the type of grinding machine changes how the machine works. And, based on what they do, here are some functions of grinding machines!

1. Hand Grinding Machine

Hand grinding machines are a type of grinding machine that are used to sharpen tools like chisels and knives. Not only that, but hand-grinding machines can also shape workpieces. For example, they can smooth the edges of cuts, smooth the edges of welds, prepare the surface of objects, and bend angled workpieces.

This grinding machine works well for cutting metal because the grinding stone is made of aluminum oxide and can spin at speeds between 11,000 and 15,000 rpm.

2. Seated Grinding Machine

A seated grinding machine, as its name suggests, must be set up so that it is sitting on a table. The main job of a machine that you sit at is to sharpen drill bits. But it can also be used to sharpen knives, plowshares, sickles, and other things that need to be sharp.

Besides sharpening, seated grinding machines can also be used to shape or make new tools like knives, screwdrivers, sewing machine parts, and so on.

Besides sharpening, seated grinding machines can also be used to shape or make new tools like knives, screwdrivers, sewing machine parts, and so on. A seated grinding machine is a type of grinding machine that can do both cutting and sharpening at the same time.

3. Surface Grinding Machine

Surface grinding machines are grinders that use a rotary grinding stone to make flat shapes and surfaces on a piece of work that is put under the machine.

Most of the time, surface grinding is done with machines that move back and forth on a horizontal plane. The process of surface grinding makes thrusters, parallel blocks, machine beds, and many other things.

4. Straight Grinding Machine

A straight grinder is a machine for grinding with a tip that points straight. Flat objects can be cut, polished, and sanded with this grinding machine. Compared to other types of grinding machines, it is smaller.

5. Cylinder Grinding Machine

A cylindrical grinding machine is a special kind of grinding machine that is made to work on cylindrical objects. For instance, sleeves, shafts, bearings, machine spindles, test bars, and so on.

This machine is used to grind either the outside or the inside of something. Cylindrical grinding machines have four main movements: the rotary motion of the workpiece, the longitudinal motion of the table, the rotary motion of the grinding wheel, and the feeding motion.

Depending on what kind of grinding machine it is, these are some of the things it can do. All grinding machines do the same thing. The only difference is that the workpiece must match the type of grinding machine being used for the best results.

Also, you can’t be careless when using a grinder. Grinding machines can only be used by people who have been trained and have special skills. We hope that the information above can help.