8 Differences between Juicers and Blenders, Don’t Get Mixed Up!

Everyone knows that the vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables are essential for good health. This is why some people like to drink healthy drinks like juice. You get juice when you mash up fruit or vegetables and separate the pulp from the water.

Before, you could only make juice by using blender. With the progress of technology, you can also use a juicer. A juicer is a new product that does the same thing as a blender: it makes it easier for people to make juice at home.

But you may not have known that the two products are not the same. Here is an explanation of the difference between a juicer and a blender:

1. Different Forms of Juicers and Blenders

Dilihat dari bentuknya juicer dan blender terlihat tampak berbeda, karena mesin blender dan juicer memiliki perbedaan seperti pada juicer The juicer and blender look different because they are different machines. For example, in a juicer, the pulp of fruits and vegetables is blended so that only water comes out, while in a blender, the pulp and water are mixed.

A juicer looks like a closed tube with a pushrod at the top. The pushrod is used to press the food into the juicer so that it can process it.

While the blender looks almost exactly like a large measuring cup, it has a handle on one side, a lid, and four blades that chop food into a smooth consistency.

2. Different Product Weight

This electronic product has parts that aren’t all the same. Since there are several different parts, the product’s weight will also be different.

The weight of a juicer is more than the weight of a blender. A blender weighs about 1 kilogram, while a juicer weighs more than 1 kilogram.

3. Product Electrical Power

So it makes sense that electronics need electricity to start and keep running. Like the electronic juicer and blender, it is known that the juicer uses more electricity than the blender.

The smallest juicer uses about 250 watts of electricity, while the most miniature blender uses about 100 watts. This electric power can also change how fast the blade spins, affecting how quickly it can cut and grind food.

4. How to use the Product

There are different or different ways to use blenders and juicers because a juicer has more benefits than a blender, which is usually just used to make food smooth and doesn’t separate the water from the pulp.

Turn on the juicer and then put the pieces of fruit and vegetables into the tube one by one. Press the food with a push stick without adding water, and have a glass ready for the water that comes out of the juicer.

To use a blender, you put pieces of fruit and vegetables in the container, add enough water, close the lid, turn on the machine, and wait until the food turns into the juice you can drink.

5. Different Juicer and Blender Processed Results

Juices made with a juicer, and a blender will taste very different because a juicer will only leave the water after crushing fruits and vegetables, while a blender will leave the pulp in the juice.

On the other hand, a blender makes things with water, and the dregs are mixed in or don’t come out, so the juice from a blender looks thicker than juice from a juicer.

In general, juice from a juicer will look pure and clear because there are no fine fibers. Juice from a blender, on the other hand, will look thicker and denser and still have a lot of fine fibers because the pulp and water are mixed.

6. Storage for Juicers and Blenders

Every time you use and clean the blender or juicer, it’s best to put it back in the box or a secure place like a cabinet so that the kitchen looks neat and clean.

The juicer itself needs a prominent place to be stored. Even though a blender isn’t as big as a juicer, it still needs a medium-sized space to be stored.

7. Different Ways to Clean Juicers and Blenders

Cleaning blenders and juicers are essential to ensure they last and work well and keep them from breaking because they weren’t cleaned well and still had food. But a blender seems easier to use and clean than a juicer.

To clean the juicer, you must first turn off the motor, take it apart, empty the pulp container, wash the parts, and rinse them well.

Tips of cleaning blender, you have to take the blender container out of the machine, wash it, and then rinse it well.

8. Product Prices Are Not The Same

The price may go up if the amount of extra product goes up. This is also true for blenders and juicers.

Juicers are starting to be sold at prices that are pretty high compared to other products, while blenders are sold at prices that many people can afford.

But it is possible that juicers and blenders can cost millions of rupiah to buy. If you can’t decide between a juicer and a blender, think about your budget and needs first.