6 Tips for Choosing a Portable Fan with Good Quality

Along with the times and the increasing mobility of people, the types of fans are getting more and more various. Portable fans are an option to deal with hot weather.

Portable fans are designed with many features that can be used by various groups, from children to adults.

Portable fans are available in various electronic or e-commerce stores. There are so many choices and variations of portable fans and it often makes potential buyers confused to choose the best one, according to their needs, and according to their budget.

The following are tips for choosing fan, especially portable fan:

1. Adjust to Your Needs

There are various shapes and sizes of portable fans sold in the market, but in general they can be categorized into three types, namely desk fan type, handheld type, and neck type.

  • Desk Fan Type
desk fan type

This desk fan has legs or a backrest, perfect for users who don’t have much mobility. This type of fan is designed for tabletop use. If you want to buy this type of fan, you should choose a fan equipped with a wind speed control feature so that it is more comfortable to use.

  • Handheld Type
handheld type

The handheld type fan has a comfortable grip, suitable for users with moderate to high mobility. This fan is suitable for use when you are on an event or traveling using public transportation.

  • Necklace Type
necklace type

This necklace type fan can be worn around the neck, making it suitable for users who have high mobility and have difficulty holding the fan continuously.

2. Consider Performance and Frequency of Use

According to the power source, portable fans generally use batteries, USB, and rechargeable batteries. There are also those that do not use power at all or manually. The three types will be explained further below:

  • Using Battery

Fans that use batteries are generally cheaper than other types of power sources. This type of fan is also very practical because the batteries used are also easily available at the nearest minimarket.

However, this type of fan will be very wasteful if you use it too frequent, because you will need to change the battery more often.

  • Using USB

This fan with a USB power source is perfect for users who often use gadgets or laptops. This type of fan can also be connected to a power bank.

Generally, portable fans with this type of USB power source are smaller in size when compared to other types of power sources and are flexible to carry anywhere.

  • Using Rechargeable Batteries

This rechargeable type portable fan is very efficient and economical when compared to fans with other types of power sources, but generally the price is more expensive.

  • Using Manual Pull

This manual type portable fan has a pull lever that can be pulled manually so it doesn’t need electric power to use it. This type of fan is very environmentally friendly because it does not depend on any power source.

However, this type of fan is not practical if the user’s hands are quite busy, such as typing, cooking, and others.

3. Propeller Speed ​​and Wind Direction Setting

When viewed from the features of the speed mode and wind direction settings, some can be adjusted to several types of speed and some only provide one speed mode.

If you are going to choose a desk fan type, consider choosing one that can be adjusted for wind speed and direction so that it is more comfortable to use.

4. Choose According to the Sound Produced

Although this factor is rarely considered, this factor can be an additional consideration factor so that the use of a portable fan is more comfortable.

Some people feel uncomfortable if the fan used is too noisy. For that, make sure to try it first at the store or see product reviews first.

5. Choose By Design

If you are going to use it for children, you should choose a fan with soft blades or a fan with a safe blade cover design.

Also choose according to the weight of the fan, if you are going to use it for traveling and carry it around a lot, then choose a handheld fan or a necklace type which is lighter in weight. If the mobility is not too high and tends to be sedentary, then a desk fan with a slightly heavier weight is a good choice because it is stable and does not fall off easily.

Also choose by color. If it will be used for children, choose bright colors and cute character shapes so that children will like to use them.

6. Consider the Additional Features Offered

Although not the main feature to look for in choosing a portable fan, this additional feature can be an additional consideration because it offers extra functions that are quite useful.

Many additional features are offered by portable fans sold in the market, but the features that are generally added are as follows:

  • Lamp. There are quite a few portable fans that add light features, and the lights used are quite diverse. Suitable for use in an emergency.
  • Mirror. This additional feature is certainly attractive to women and sometimes a ring light is added so that it is suitable for use in low light conditions.
  • Necklace Rope. This additional feature is suitable for users with high mobility and don’t want to bother carrying a portable fan in their bag or the fan is too big to fit in a pocket or clothes pocket.
  • Power bank. Although the quality of the power bank built in by the portable fan is not always good, it is good enough for an emergency when the smartphone battery suddenly runs out. Portable fans with this feature are usually portable fans with a rechargeable battery type source and the price is usually quite expensive.
  • Refresher. This portable fan with additional refreshing features is perfect for use in very hot weather. The refreshments used also vary, some can be added with ice cubes, some can be added with face mist.
  • Aromatherapy. This portable fan with additional features of fragrance or aromatherapy is perfect for room fresheners so that it can help users feel more relaxed.

Those are some tips for choosing a good portable fan. The most important thing is to adjust to the needs and comfort when used.