5 Causes Water Machine must be Drawn Out and How to Fix it

A water pump is a machine that functions to flow fluid to different heights using a pressure difference.

The water pump works by sucking in and removing water relying on the help of the impeller rotation, so that the water flows. This water flow comes from the water source to the outlet or output pipe.

After the water approaches the outlet pipe, the impeller will rotate to push the water out to the reservoir. The water pump will work as long as the electrical energy is still flowing.

In other words, a water pump works by pulling and pushing water together. The water pump consists of a series of components as follows:

  • Motor: The motor is the engine that drives the water pump. This motor or dynami will move after the pump is given an electric current, turning the impeller or propeller on the pump
  • Capacitors: Capacitors function to lift the rotation of the dynamo when the water pump is turned on
  • Water pump tube: The pump tube is where the water pumping process occurs because it contains an impeller
  • Impeller: The impeller is a vane, in a water pump, the impeller is a serrated fan. Impeller serves to rotate the flow of water with suction and thrust
  • Seal: Seal serves to equalize the pressure on the water pump. The seal also serves to close the path of the impeller shaft with the water pump tube so that water does not seep out
  • Check the valve: Check the valve functions to open and close the suction line on the water pump
  • Switch: The water pump works by turning on the electric switch which is connected to the pump switch which works automatically. The pump switch can work automatically by relying on water pressure.

Damage to the water pump is caused by many factors so that water is difficult to rise to the surface. Not infrequently the water pump is damaged so that it must be drawn out so that water can flow.

The following are some of the reasons why the engine must be drawn out order to drain the water:

1. The Engine Component is Damaged

One of the most common damage to water engine components is a leak in the suction part of the pump so that no water flows upward.

The impeller or vane on the pump is forced to work harder to drain the water that has been wasted due to leakage.

This leak is often caused by an inaccurate valve installation so that there is a cavity that allows water to seep.

2. The Water Engine is Old

Pumps that are old and have never been maintained can cause dust to enter the motor so that the pump is not able to work properly.

In addition, old pumps can rust and accumulate so that the motor rotation is disrupted. This can be the causes of noisy water pump machine and buzzing.

When the dynamo or pump motor has been disturbed, you can check the bearing or valve. This part serves to balance the impeller so that the rotation is stable. You can also check the capacitors and replace them if needed.

3. Lack of The Water Pumped

Lack of water can be caused by pump leaks and dry season so no water is pumped. Leaks can occur in the suction pipe so that the pump only sucks liquid until the suction pipe is empty.

If left untreated, the pump may suck in particles at the bottom of the water source, causing blockages.

4. The Specifications are not Compatible

These not compatible specifications, such as the pump used is only capable of pumping wells as deep as 9 meters, while the existing wells are 20 meters, so you have to use a jet pump.

Water pumps are available for various types of well depths. Shallow well pumps can be used at a depth of 7 to 9 meters.

The semi-jet pump type can be used at a depth of 9 to 11 meters. For a depth of more than 11 meters can use a jet pump type pump.

Semi-jet pumps and jet pumps have the advantage of having a large thrust with less electrical power.

In addition to jet pumps, you can also use submersible pumps or submersible pumps. As the name implies, this pump is immersed in a water source to push the water out.

5. The Improper Installation

Improper installation such as installation that is too deep, resulting in blockage or leakage at the pipe connection. This installation error generally occurs in the installation of the suction pipe.

The installation of the suction pipe on the pump must be under the engine to avoid the risk of catching a cold on the pump which results in weak suction power of the pump.

Signs that the water pump is damaged include an engine that heats up quickly, a squeaky sound when the water pump is used, and a leak.

Basically, a water pump works by pulling and pushing water at the same time. The water pump must be maintained so that it does not get damaged quickly.

Its maintenance can be done with regular inspections and can be provoked if needed. However, if there is still damage, the water pump should be taken to a service center according to the brand.

If the pump has been used for years but still cannot be repaired, it is better to replace the water pump with a new one. Given the use of water pumps that are currently commonly used, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a water pump seller that fits your needs.