6 Causes of Noisy Car AC Fans

This car AC fan is an important component in the vehicle that can affect the temperature in your car.

The car AC fan functions to blow air towards the condenser, then the condenser to cool the refrigerant, so that the refrigerant will condense and change from gas to liquid.

As a result of damage to the car’s AC fan, the cabin temperature of the car is hot, triggering damage to other components, uncomfortable driving because the AC fan is noisy, and the driver’s loss of concentration while driving.

So that these consequences do not happen to you, then know the cause of the problem. Below are the causes of noisy car AC fans and their explanations:

1. There is Friction in the Car AC Engine

The cause of the noisy car AC fan is that there is friction in the car AC engine. This friction occurs because the piston has run out of oil or the AC engine is worn or has been in use for too long. The result is the machine will work harder than usual.

If the problem is with the oil, then you can change or add oil, while if the problem is with a worn engine, you can replace the old components with new components, so that the noise from the car AC fan disappears and the car AC fan will run normally as before.

2. Shaft Fan tilted to the Left or Right

Noisy car air conditioner fan can be caused by the fan shaft being tilted left and right because the screws are starting to loosen. If you know that the axis is wobbly, the car AC fan will also wobble when the AC is turned on.

This is what can cause noise from the car air conditioner fan. The fan shaft is usually made of plastic so it is easy to change shape.

Faced with this problem, you need to check the condition of the fan shaft whether it is in good condition and good. If it is found that the condition of the fan shaft is not in good condition, then you are advised to replace the component with a newer one but still in accordance with the needs of your car.

3. AC Engine Components Are Not Installed Properly

The noise of the car air conditioner fan can also be caused by the car air conditioner component not being installed properly. This happens because there are parts that are still loose, this loose part then causes the car air conditioner to vibrate and make a noise.

If you find that there is an improper position of the component, then the action that can be taken is to correct the position of the component until it is in the right position without loosening.

Then check the car air conditioner fan again if it is still noisy, if it is not noisy, it is possible that the position of the air conditioner in cars components is appropriate. This can also be the cause of the car air conditioner not cold.

4. Leak in Air Conditioner Line parts

Another cause of noisy car AC fans is a leak. Leaks in the AC line can cause the freon to drain faster and the oil to decrease too quickly.

If the oil runs out there will be friction on the piston. This friction can cause noise from the car air conditioner fan.

If you are in this problem, check the condition of your car if there is a leak in the AC line. If you find a leak, immediately go to the nearest service center so that your car problem can be handled with proper handling.

5. There is a problem in the Magnetic Clutch

The cause that can cause a noisy car AC fan is a problematic magnetic clutch. Magnetic clutch is an important part of the AC component which has a function as a liaison between the engine and the compressor.

Problems with the magnetic clutch can affect the performance of the car’s AC fan by making a loud noise when the car is used or the AC is turned on.

Magnetic clutch problems can be handled by repairing these components.

However, if the damage is severe enough, it is advisable to replace the old magnetic clutch with a new magnetic clutch so that the car air conditioner fan can return to working properly as before.

6. There is Something stuck in the AC

One of the causes of a noisy or noisy car AC fan is the presence of some objects around the AC fan. These objects can be in the form of paper, dry leaves, small pebbles, food scraps or used tissues that enter the car air conditioner engine.

This object can cause the performance of the car’s AC engine not to run as it should because the object enters the car’s AC fan so that it interferes with the fan’s performance.

To get rid of the noise that comes out of the car AC fan, check the car air conditioner fan to see if there are foreign objects that shouldn’t enter.

If you have found the object, take the object and make sure there is no object stuck in the car AC fan so that the noise in the car AC fan will disappear.