5 Causes of Electric Fan is Not Working and How to Repair

Electric fan is an electronic device that produces air flow from the propellers rotation. The energy was generated from a dynamo inside. It will be very annoying when you’re sitting lay back enjoying the breeze air then all the sudden the fan is just stop working.

For common people who don’t understand electronic devices, such as electric fan, probably will have it to the workshop for repaired, or even simply buy a new one.

By taking the fan to a workshop will cost you some money. More over when you decide to buy a new one. The truth is some cases of the fan is not working you still can have it repair by yourself.

A damage electronic device is very common to happen. Such devices with constant movement in a particular part such as electric fan, may have damaged in the inside components eventually.

Types of damaged parts usually indicated by the propellers not working, not rotating at all. You may probably also experiencing hearing a buzzing sound from the inside of the motor part. Before you decide to go the workshop or buy a new fan, go check out below descriptions. So you get to know the common causes of your fan not working and how to repair it.

1. Worn-out Bearing or Bushing

An electric fan will not work because of a worn-out bearing or bushing. This is normal in a device whose work involving a constant moving inside parts. Eventually that part shall worn-out in time.

A damaged bearing will look black a burnt-out sort of. Some occasions bearing was found broken. Once the bearing has damaged will need to be replaced with new one. You can buy this in cost ranging in 0.34 USD up to 2 USD depends on the specification.

Solution: Once a bearing has damaged it will need to be replaced with a new one. Buy a new bearing with the exact specification as use in the electric fan.

First you open the fan cover then go to the dynamo part, take out the bearing inside. Buy the new one with the same specification, ask to the store guide to help you with this.

After you have buy the new bearing or bushing, have it installed properly where it belongs, as well with the dynamo. Finished up by put on the fan cover again tighten up the side lock.

2. Improper Propellers Sitting

As explained earlier, one of the causes that your fan is not working because of a worn-out bearing. There is also a case where the bushing might not installed properly.

Bushing works as a sitting port for the propellers. If it is being installed not in the right position than it will not be able to generate rotation for the propellers.

Solution: This kind of failure can be found when opening he dynamo cover. Once you had the cover opened, to to readjust the bushing exactly in the center position from the motor and propellers. This is a different case with a burnt-out bushing.

3. Disconnected to Power Source

Another factor that may cause your electric fan not working is that may be a problem with the power source. If no electricity run powering than there is no way that electronic device can work.

Disconnected power source could persist from a rusty iron port, worn-out wire or even in some cases the cord had been been torn which may lead to a short circuit, or a broken part of the power outlet itself.


  • Check the power outlet, make sure that it is working properly. You could have it tested by plug in your fan in another power outlet.
  • Test out the power socket that used to plug in the fan. Try plug in another electronic device there, to reassure that power outlet is ok.
  • Check out the cable and plug condition as well. Make sure no torn off cable wrap or even broken cord. If the broken cord inside the cable line, one way to have it tested is using a multi-tester device. It can measure the electricity power runs inside the cable line. The indicator shown by the needle moving side to side, pointing at a certain number. If the needle is not moving at all, it indicates no power electricity runs inside the cable line. Then you need to replace the cable line.

4. Dry or Jammed Countershaft

When you’re experiencing a buzzing sound from your electric fan and the propellers are also not rotating, it may be caused by the countershaft is dry or even jammed. This condition happens because it is covered by dust and eventually clogging the run way of the shaft.

Solution: To prevent such case of dry or jammed countershaft you need to have the electric fan periodically cleaned. Remove all excessive dust inside. Add some lubricant to the shaf. Thisi helps to smooth the shaft run way.

5. Capacitor’s Condition

Capacitor is needed to supply the electricity power for the fan. With enough power then the fan can work and propellers will rotate properly.

If the capacitor had already damaged, it will be difficult to initiate the first rotation. And in the end, the propellers will not even rotating at all.

fungsi kapasitor kipas angin

Solution: Replaced the damaged capacitor. You must consider the capacity size of your electric fan as stated in the name late.

Once have discovered the damaged capacitor was the caused, go replace it accordingly. Even if you may find difficulty in finding the exact same capacity, go choose the capacitor with capacity not too far different either bigger or smaller from the original one.

It is normally to happen for an electronic fan not working, especially when used frequently. In order to prevent such damage, need to have a periodically cleaning of your fan including the inside components. But remember to have the components carefully cleaned using a soft cloth or things similar, to remove the excessive dust.

Recently large variants of electric fan were sold in the retail market. Make sure you are knowledgeable enough before decided to have it repair on your own. To avoid the case where you can have it dismantled but then unable to reassembled the electric fan back.