5 Causes of AC Not Cooling After Cleaned and Solutions

AC (Air Conditioner) is a cooling system that functions to cool the temperature in the room. Because the AC is used almost every time, it is not surprising that a lot of dirt accumulates inside the AC components. Especially if you don’t clean it regularly.

To clean the dirt, the AC is usually washed. In addition to cleaning dirty parts of the air conditioner, washing the air conditioner also aims to improve the quality of the air produced by the air conditioner so that you and your family are free from various diseases.

However, not infrequently after washing the air conditioner becomes problematic. One of the air conditioner’s problems after washing is that the air conditioner is not cold.

There are several factors that cause the air conditioner to not cool after washing. Here are 5 reasons why the air conditioner does not cool after washing.

1. There is an AC Freon Leak

Air conditioning Freon leaks are the most common cause of the AC not cooling, especially after washing the air conditioner. This will be seen after the Freon is refilled.

Charging Freon during the washing process is actually not required. Freon that is still there and is still in a condition with a good cold temperature certainly does not need to be refilled. Recharging the Freon only when the Freon is depleted and the Freon is not cold.

To check if the Freon in AC has run out is to look at the manifold needle. When the manifold needle is at number 0 or close to number 0 then the Freon in the AC has run out or is almost running out, you can also see whether there is a leak in the AC.

To deal with Freon leaks, you can patch or replace leaking components. Here are the steps:

  • Recharge AC Freon until full.
  • Unwrap the armaflex on the AC pipe.
  • Apply a sponge that has been soaped until it foams to find the point of leakage.
  • If bubbles appear, then that is where the leak is.

You can also see in some AC components, whether there is oil seeping out. Both on pipe connections, indoor air conditioning and outdoor air conditioning.

2. PCB Module/Sensor Exposed to Water

The presence of a PCB module or sensor on the air conditioner that is exposed to water can cause the air conditioner not to cool. This can happen due to carelessness when washing the air conditioner.

PCBs or sensors that are exposed to water can affect the performance of the AC, such as flashing lights, gusts of wind that do not match the remote settings, even AC that can’t turn on or off.

The way to deal with the PCB module or AC sensor that is exposed to water is to dry it first before installing it. Then try by restarting the module. If it still doesn’t work, you can call an AC technician to solve the problem.

3. Lack of Connections

The lack of a tight connection after washing can also be the reason why the air conditioner is not cold. You can check the pipe connections or AC nozzles to see if there are any loose connections.

If there is a loose connection, you will need to tighten it so that the circulation generated by the cooling system does not leak out. You can check the connection, especially in the outdoor part of the AC, because it has many connections.

4. The Presence of Dust and Dirt

The presence of dirt and dust caused by washing the AC that is not clean can make the AC not cold. This dust or dirt is usually found in the indoor evaporator or outdoor condenser.

AC that has not been cleaned for a long time can also be the cause of dirt or dust to accumulate. The dust and dirt can inhibit the work of the evaporator and condenser so that the cooling system cannot produce perfect cold.

Sometimes AC washing is not done thoroughly because there are parts that are difficult to reach. This is also the cause of dust or dirt still accumulating in some parts of the air conditioner.

To overcome it, you need to routinely cleaning the filters in the indoor air conditioner at least once a week. To take the filter, you only need to open the top of the indoor cover, then wash the AC filter or replace it if it is no longer suitable for use.

Then, insert the AC filter and close the indoor cover again. Make sure everything is installed properly.

5. There is a Blockage

The possibility that the air conditioner is not cold after washing is a blockage that occurs in the drain. The blockage can occur because the dirt that is removed with water does not come out all so that the dirt accumulates in that section.

To overcome this right, you can spray the hose or drain so that the dirt can come out along with the water current and don’t leave any remaining dirt that can clog.

Those are some of the causes of the AC not cooling after cleaned. Keep in mind, that different types of air conditioner, may have different causes and solutions, so it’s better to ask an expert so that it can be treated immediately.

Wash the air conditioner at least every 3 (three) months so that the air conditioner is always clean and healthy. The more often the air conditioner is used, the more often the air conditioner needs to be cleaned.

Or indeed, if it looks dirty and the air conditioner is dripping water, this is most likely a sign that the air conditioner filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned.