5 Causes of a Leaking Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Water dispenser is one of the electronic equipment that is quite widely used by many people, even now you can find it in every home because this water dispenser is a fairly useful item and also the price is cheap.

The water dispenser has a function to drain water from gallons and then flow it for various purposes or drink directly. Especially for those of you who are used to buying gallon water, so this water dispenser is certainly very necessary.

In addition to its function to drain water from gallons, now the water dispenser also has many functions. The functions of the water dispenser include heating or cooling water, depending on the type of dispenser, but these two functions are the most common. Here are the types of water dispensers that already exist.

  • Classic Water Dispenser
  • Hot and Fresh Water Dispenser
  • Hot-Normal-Cool Water Dispenser
  • Top Loading Water Dispenser
  • Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
  • Refrigerator Water Dispenser

Some types of water dispensers certainly have additional functions according to their type. The discussion this time is about the cause of the leaky bottom loading water dispenser. Although the bottom loading water dispenser has less leakage than the top loading dispenser, you need to be aware just in case you have this type of water dispenser.

For that, here are 5 causes of a leaky bottom loading water dispenser.

1. Dispenser Faucet Loose

One of the causes of a leaky bottom loading dispenser is a dispenser faucet that has loosened. Faucets that have loosened allow water to flow out of the sidelines of the faucet supports.

Usually this can happen due to frequent use and the age of the dispenser is long enough so that the faucet can be loose. The solution to this is that you can replace the loose dispenser lever with a new one.

2. Worn Stopper

The next cause is the faucet stopper that has worn out, causing the gallon of water to keep flowing even in small amounts or in the form of droplets. Even though it is a small drop, of course it is a leak that needs to be addressed so that the water does not continue to flow and causes the gallon of water to run out quickly.

How to deal with a leaky bottom loading dispenser due to a broken faucet stopper is actually quite easy. The solution is the same as if the lever is loosened, namely by replacing the dispenser faucet with a new one.

3. Damage to the Faucet Hinges

Faucet hinges over time and use will inevitably be damaged. Moreover, the dispenser faucet hinge is part of the dispenser which is very often used to be able to drain water from gallons.

If the faucet hinges are damaged, of course the gallon of water cannot be controlled. It could be that the water will continue to flow or cannot flow because the hinge faucet is broken. Moreover, generally faucet hinges are made of plastic material that is easily broken and damaged.

To fix this, you need to replace the faucet, look for a quality faucet so that you don’t get damaged again in the near future.

4. Leakage in the Dispenser Hose

Another cause of a leaky bottom loading dispenser is a leak in the dispenser hose. Although it rarely happens, leaks that occur in the dispenser hose are quite easy to overcome but need accuracy in repairing them.

Leaks in the hose can occur because the dispenser is dropped or is subject to shock. Moving the dispenser often enough can also cause the hose to come loose or leak. Or also the hose melts caused by overheating. This is usually caused by the age factor.

Avoid patching the hose let alone just using glue or tape. For leaks in the hose, you need to replace the dispenser hose to minimize repeated leaks. And also avoid moving the dispenser frequently, let alone not being careful.

5. Gallon Leak

If you find puddles at the bottom of the dispenser and not from the body of the dispenser or the top of the dispenser, you can be sure that the gallon is leaking. Moreover, there is water coming out of the gallon body.

The causes of leaking gallons are quite diverse. It could be because there is a crack in the gallon or it could be due to the old age of the gallon. This can cause gallons of water to not rise to the top and cannot enter the dispenser filter. There is little or no water released by the dispenser or even gallons of water.

You need to replace the leaking gallon and confirm the problem with the gallon manufacturer.

To solve the problem caused by damage to the faucet, you need to replace it. You also need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Choose a dispenser faucet according to your type and brand so that it can be easily installed properly and maintain its originality.
  • If you don’t find it, you can buy a universal dispenser faucet. Of course, you need to adjust the size of the faucet to your dispenser.
  • Also make sure the thread on the faucet matches the thread on the dispenser.

Those are some of the causes of leaky bottom loading water dispensers that you can pay attention to so that later you can minimize problems that can occur to your dispenser. You need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the dispenser and take care of the dispenser so that it is always durable and long lasting so you don’t have to spend more money for repairs.