4 Causes Car Steering Wheel Runs To The Left

The car has a steering wheel as a control in setting the direction. It turns out that this part can also sometimes experience problems, one of which is the steering wheel running to the left. This problem can be caused by a technical error or the fault of the car driver itself.

A steering wheel that is not in a stable or straight condition is certainly very dangerous. Especially if it is being used for driving, there is a high possibility that an accident can occur because the direction of the car may change suddenly.

One way to solve this problem is by spooring. Spooring is the process of realigning the car’s wheel position as set by the factory. Generally spooring is done for the front wheels of the car only.

In addition to spooring, four-wheeled vehicles must also do balancing, namely adjustments to maintain balance at the top, bottom or left and right points of the wheel.

Balancing is done by adding lead to the parts that are considered lacking and after replacing tires or wheels.

Then what are the causes of the car steering wheel running to the left or not even in a straight condition? To answer this question, let’s look at the explanation below:

1. There is Something Broke on the Understeel Parts

One of the reasons why the steering wheel runs to the left is damage to the understeel or parts of the two legs of the car tires. Understeel damage can be caused by a problem with the tie rod.

This part can experience wear or rust, especially on the legs of the tire wheels. Damage can occur quickly if the car often drives on uneven or bumpy roads.

This is what causes the steering wheel to become unstable or run to the left suddenly. If left unchecked, of course it is very dangerous, especially if used for driving.

2. Driving in High Speed Frequently

It turns out that too often driving at high speeds and recklessly can also cause the car steering wheel to run to the left. This condition can cause the tire wheels to quickly get damaged.

Damage to this part can be seen from the ease of experiencing sway while driving the car.

Maybe this condition is not too felt for the driver, but over time and bad driving habits can certainly worsen the condition of the wheels of the car tires which have an impact on the steering wheel of the car that runs to the left.

3. The Tire Parts are not Proper Enough

As a user and vehicle owner, it is very important to know the condition of the car they have. Proper and regular car maintenance can certainly reduce the risk of car damage that gets worse in the future.

One of the things that must be considered is the tire or understeel. It turns out that this part must also undergo replacement if it is known to have been damaged.

If left unchecked, it is not impossible that this part is the cause of the car steering wheel running to the left or unstable when used for driving. If you experience this, immediately take the car to a repair shop for understeel replacement.

4. The Tire Toe-Out Angle is Broken

Another reason why the car steering wheel runs to the left is that there is damage to the toe-out angle of the car wheel. Usually the toe-out angle is too wide due to imperfections during the installation of understeel components that may have just been replaced.

Another cause is a shift in the tie rod lock nut. If this is the case, the damage to this part cannot be repaired by yourself because a professional repair technician is needed to repair it.

Those were some of the reasons the car steering wheel can run to the left. In order not to experience further damage, you should immediately take the car to an official repair shop so that it can be handled properly.