The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Stoves

electric stove
electric stove

There are many considerations to think about when choosing a stove type; starting in terms of stove maintenance to the energy used. The choice of stoves sold in the market is also very diverse. One of them is an electric stove.

Although the use of gas stoves is more dominant, nowadays many have started to switch to using electric stoves. Before deciding to choose an electric stove, first you should know the advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of An Electric Stove

1. The Electric Stove Has An Elegant and Contemporary Shape

The first advantage that you can see from an electric stove is that it has an elegant and contemporary shape that is very different from a gas stove. In fact, the electric stove has a slimmer appearance that makes it look modern.

Therefore, many apartments or minimalist-style houses use this type of stove because it saves more space.

2. Safer to Use Inside Confined Space

Many people switch to using electric stoves because they feel safer when used in a closed room. You know, gas stoves are at risk of gas leaks that can lead to explosions and fires.

While on an electric stove, this terrible thing is nothing to worry about because it uses electricity instead of gas. Not only that, electric stoves are considered safer because they don’t feel hot when touched directly by hand.

3. Equipped with Many Modern Features

Not only is it modern in shape, but electric stoves also have a variety of advanced features. The goal is to adjust the temperature produced so that cooking activities will be more effective.

The features and components of the electric stove that you can enjoy include timers, automatic pan size, safety shut off, to boost.

4. Easy to Clean

It is undeniable that the gas stove always leaves burnt marks around the installation area, so you have to spend more time so that the stove looks as clean as before. This sort of thing will not happen when you are using an electric stove.

Because almost all brands of electric stoves use glass material with a flat surface. Thus, you only need to wipe the surface until it is completely clean.

5. Electric Stoves Produce Heat More Evenly

Who would have thought, the heat generated by electric stoves is far more stable than gas stoves. This is what makes your cooking evenly cooked.

Interestingly, the stable heat allows for much shorter and more effective cooking times. In fact, the bottom of the pan will not turn black from exposure to excessive heat.

6. Generated Heat Lasts Longer

Almost all electric stove products have the ability to store heat for a while after being turned off. Even if the heat that remains isn’t the same as when it was turned on, you can still use it to warm up small portions of food.

The Disadvantages of An Electric Stove

Even though it is equipped with various advantages, it turns out that electric stoves also have disadvantages that you can consider before buying them.

1. The Price is Relatively Expensive

When compared to a gas stove, of course, this one electric device is priced relatively more expensive. The reason is, the electric stove is equipped with a variety of sophisticated and modern features. However, this price is comparable to what you get later.

In addition, the price of electric stoves is also influenced by the number of stoves available. The more stoves, the higher the price is set.

Therefore, it is better if you first consider the needs of this stove. Do you only need one stove because you can cook different menus alternately or are you even more comfortable with a stove that has more stoves because it is definitely practical?

2. Requires A Lot of Electrical Energy

As the name implies, this one stove uses electrical energy as a substitute for fuel. But unfortunately, the electricity needed is quite large, which is around 300 to 1,200 watts. So, you have to be prepared with bloated monthly electricity bills when you want to replace a gas stove with an electric stove.

But don’t worry, currently, there are several brands of electric stoves that are deliberately made to save electricity so that they won’t affect your electric bill too much.

Even so, you still have to pay attention to when is the right time to cook in order to share electrical power with other electronic devices at home. If too much electric power is released, it could be that the house will often experience blackouts so that your cooking process is interrupted.

3. Must Use Special Cookware

Apparently, not all cooking utensils can be used on an electric stove. The stove surface that tends to come up certainly does not allow you to cook in a deep pan. Therefore, you must have all list of cookware with a flat bottom when you want to use the electric stove.

Not only that, you can only use cooking utensils made of iron, steel, and stainless steel. This is because these three materials are able to provide a special interaction with the surface of the electric stove so that the cooking process is perfect.

Electric stoves are often equated with induction stoves, even though they are different. The main difference between electric stove and induction stove lies in the heating system. By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of an electric stove, it can help you in deciding which one to choose a gas stove, induction stove, or electric stove.